‘Dying Light 2’ will have weapon degradation like the original

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keep your wits sharp, but your ax sharp

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Techland has revealed details about Dying Light 2K weapons, and how the fall in the “Dying 2 Know” video will affect them.

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A new video from Techland shows some of the weapons players are likely to find. Producer Szyman Strauss explained that the time frame between weapons had changed somewhat. extinguished light And Dying Light 2. After 20 years, many everyday items such as wrenches have become “bad”. After these items are used for their intended purpose or reused as weapons, they have become rare because such items are rare but powerful.

Players will be able to maintain their arsenal of weapons using crafting. Dying Light 1 They had many possible weapons that could be made, but most of them relied on a base weapon such as a machete, knife or pipe. In Dying Light 2These base weapons will be prepared. An example of this is the weapon shown in the video and Dying Light 2The main art, as the protagonist is armed with a pointed road sign that has been transformed into an axe.


Weapons manufactured “on the fly” will have less durability than something designed for the job, but these weapons will be rare. As such, Strauss recommends that players carry a modified weapon for particular enemies. He also says that there is a strong possibility that players may find themselves in situations where they have no weapons and will be forced to rely on other equipment to survive. An example of this is finding high ground and using firecrackers or bait to draw enemies together. Then players could throw grenades and enjoy the carnage.

Dying Light 2 As recently as February of 2022 there was a delay. The game was initially intended to be released in December this year.

Elsewhere, SEGA has launched a teaser for the upcoming RPG that could be exclusive to the mobile platform.

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