Edgar Wright directed Stephen King’s ‘The Running Man’

    Edgar Wright has reportedly closed a deal to develop a new adaptation of Stephen Kings Running man For Paramount Pictures. dropping out The director will assist in the new film and help screenwriter Michael Beckel with the story, which will be “much more convincing” for King’s 1983 dystopian novel, which he originally published under his Richard Bachman pen. . In 2017, when asked if he would ever consider directing a film that is not his original creation, Wright surprisingly said he would love to get a chance. Running man, And it looks like the day has come. time limit:

    Paul Michael Glaeser directed the original, and Schwarzenegger starred alongside Maria Conchita Alonso, Yafet Cotto, Jim Brown, Jesse Ventura, with Richard Dawson playing the over-caffeinated and manipulated game show host who fought that death Heard where the contestants went against. The paying gladiators, in the backdrop of a repressive government, are sending dissidents to their deaths for heavy ratings in high-tech gladiator matches.

    Wright’s office Running man Paramount has a “top priority” for the blockbuster hit as a counterpoint to prevent damage from Paramount. Of course, adopting the king’s work is always a difficult proposition. While recent successes have been done with this Movies and hbo’s Outsider, CBS All Access Reboot Tripod There have been mixed results. Adopt King’s Magnum Opus The dark tower A feature film starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaghy was also a notable flop. However, given Wright’s signature style and his very selective preference for creative projects, Running man Stephen King is one of the films.

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