Edge responded by calling The Undertaker the current WWE roster as “soft”

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    Edge talked about the comments of the current Undertaker of the WWE roster and opened up about the challenges facing current superstars.

    Edge was asked by billed reporter Enrico about his recent comments on The Undertaker’s Joe Rogan Experience, where he called the current locker room “soft”. At a global WWE teleconference (for video w / WWE India), Edge stated that The Deadman’s comments were somewhat out of context.

    “I think any comment can be taken out of context and I think that’s what’s happened there. In the three-hour interview, I think they took the most 20-second clip. I think. “Anyone, whoever has a foothold in wrestling. Ring, whatever era it is – whether it’s 1940, whether it’s 2020 – all the harder.”

    “Everyone got into it because they love it, for the most part. And it’s different challenges that come with every era, with every decade, with every incarnation of this business. We don’t have a challenge. Which is social media. To make your brand bigger, it’s now a great outlet to get your product out there. But, there’s also a whole range of hiccups and potential bumps on that path, which is a challenge. Have to navigate. We just had to worry about building and building. Now, cameras never stop rolling. Now, every aspect of your life that’s under a microscope. It’s never before us Kind of different challenge. All different. For me, anyone who ever steps in there – Bada * s.

    Edge was part of WWE in its prime and saw its transformation into a family-friendly product.

    Edge refuses to break Undertaker’s streak

    Edge and The Undertaker“>
    Edge and the Undertaker

    The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak was a record that looked like it would end forever until it was broken by Brock Lassner.

    Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCullum revealed last year that Edge was given a chance to break the streak, but The-RezR The superstar denied it.

    Lesnar finally ended an incredible record at WrestleMania XXX in 2014.

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    Published 04 Feb 2021 14:02 IST

    The Undertaker’s Edge


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