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Whether you like it or not, a piece of Elf on the Shelf has become Christmas Eve Pop culture, and the brand has gone through many developmental changes over the past 16 years.

It all started with Carol Ebersold and Chanda Bell’s 2005 children’s The picture book, “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition,” was illustrated by Kos Steinwart.


The mother-daughter duo wrote a rhyming book that tells the story of little Scout Elves looking into families’ homes and reporting who has been naughty or nice to Santa. As part of the lore, the Scout Elves choose a different hiding place each day from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

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That hide-and-seek nature of the story played a direct role in the development of a Smiley Elf on the Shelf Boy. Doll Which matches the pictures in the book. Dedicated owners Gudiya started putting the festive character in different areas of their homes on a daily basis to keep up with the moving elf.

The doll-based holiday game became so popular that in 2008 the Elf on the Shelf Boy doll earned Best Toy Award from Learning Express Toys – A specialty toy and game retailer.

other awards and Praise For the doll and the book that year came from iParenting Media, USA Book News and Creative Child. With continued marketing support from former QVC host Krista Pitts – Bell’s twin sister, the Elf on the Shelf brand has been regularly recognized by trade organizations and family groups.

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As of 2011, the Christmas Scout Elf got its own animated special on CBS titled “An Elf’s Story: The Elf on the Shelf”. A year later, the character made her Macy’s Thanksgiving parade debut and has made an annual appearance ever since.

Over the past decade, Elf on the Shelf has expanded its toy offerings with boy and girl Elf Scout dolls available in various skin tones, a line of pet dolls, a doll clothing line and a job-based line of Elf Mates. Huh. The brand has also added a “birthday tradition” which includes a birthday countdown and chair decorations.

Rebranded Elf on the Shelf parent company in August 2020 Lumistella Company, which considers itself a global intellectual property business focused on Christmas lore. Bell & Pitts is leading the family-run business as co-CEO.

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While the company hasn’t hyped annual sales numbers in recent years, the brand is certainly a force to be reckoned with with its ever-growing list of toys, Target exclusive items, among many. Netflix The chain and various other licensing deal with food and merchandise manufacturers.

Pitts said in a company statement last year, “As an agency with a global reach that is committed to creating deals and building new brands that exemplify our ideas, interests and opportunities, CAA is our A perfect fit for the future outlook.”

This year alone, Elf on the Shelf has launched 17 new toys and there’s a new toy on the way. Five of its six “limited availability” items for 2021 are Target exclusive. It’s not immediately clear how Elf on the Shelf Demand will play a role in the current supply chain disruptions being seen in the toy industry.

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