OTTAWA – Sanich-Gulf Islands MP Elizabeth May says Annie Paul is harming the Green Party by being in control of her communications.

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Paul announced on 27 September that she would resign as leader, saying it was “the worst period of my life”. Paul, the first black and Jewish woman to lead a major federal party, said she was subject to racism and sexism by party members.

But since then, May maintains that Paul still controls party communications, which has led to more internal conflict when the party’s Indigenous president wanted to issue a statement on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, but reportedly did so. were unable to.


“We have a lot of souls to do,” May said during an interview for Granthshala’s Question Hour, which aired Sunday morning. “But the current position of a leader, who has resigned but has not resigned again, is untenable.”

May said she would not step down as interim leader of the party, and instead wanted Paul Manley to take the role. Manley lost his seat at Nanaimo-Ladysmith during last month’s federal election.

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Paul’s resignation follows the Green Party’s dismal results during the federal election, where it lost four percent of the popular vote and Paul lost another bid for a seat at the Toronto Center. The party also failed to increase the number of seats.

May says she would never question what a racist person experienced, but says that Paul had more power than any of her earlier predecessors.

“Annie Paul’s contract gave him the exclusive right to appoint campaign manager, exclusive right to control all communications staff, any press release, anything posted on the website, 100% under his control,” she said. he said.

Speaking to reporters on September 27, Paul said she went into the federal election campaign without adequate staffing, funding or a national campaign manager.

Paul’s executive assistant Victoria Gallia said there were instances when Enemy Paul could have received more support than May.

“Certainly there could have been more room for the growth and success of our new leader than the outgoing leader,” Gallia said during an interview with Granthshala’s Power Play on 27 September.

May disputes this, saying that she supported Paul during his leadership campaign and later, when Paul became leader.

“I feel like I’m under gaslighting here because I wasn’t allowed to speak and I supported Enami in the leadership so much, there’s no question,” she said. “I did and did whatever asked of me.”

May says she offered to step aside at the Saanich-Gulf Islands ride so that Paul could run for his seat as an alternative to the Toronto Center. May also said that Paul forbade her from any media interviews to discuss internal affairs of the party.

Granthshala News has reached out to Paul’s office for comment and has not heard back at the time of publication of this story.