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Its. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., attacked the e-commerce giant heroine After the company refused to remove the vaccine “misinformation” books from its website.

Warren posted a tweet on Friday after he received a response to a letter from Amazon last month questioning sales of the books.


The senator posted Amazon’s response in a tweet, where he attacked the company, alleging it was unwilling to take the books.

Amazon is violating its policy on ‘offensive’ goods by selling anti-police, Antifa merchandise

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“Last month, I asked Amazon to respond to this pattern of abuse and refusal to stop the spread of lies through sales,” Warren tweeted. “Over and over again, the top search results related to COVID-19 included books from major broadcasters of dangerous misinformation.”

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“Amazon’s response? They told me they could eliminate misinformation if they wanted to do it—but they wouldn’t,” she continued. “Amazon is irresponsible of preventing dangerous COVID-19 misinformation to key consumers.”

Amazon told the senator in its September email that the company respects that its “customers want access to a wide variety of perspectives on the matter,” which is why it continues to sell books.

The books in question have been condemned as: fake news Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Amazon has come under fire from both sides of the aisle this year.

The Conservatives harassed Amazon earlier this year for selling “Blue Lives Murder” items amid a rise in ambush-style attacks against police, but Amazon continues to sell the products.

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Additionally, Amazon came under fire for breaking its policy on “offensive” goods selling merchandise that contained anti-Israeli and pro-Antifa statements.

Amazon did not immediately respond to Granthshala Business’s request for comment on Warren’s tweet.