Ella Henderson’s Conservative Party Conference set sparks gay backlash

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Ella Henderson has reacted from the queer community after performing at a Conservative Party convention in Birmingham on Tuesday.

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The former X Factor contestant, 26, is a regular on the Pride circuit and the Conservative Party has a somewhat checkered history of supporting LGBTQ+ people.

Several clips from her appearance at TikTok and UK music receptions have surfaced online and raised some eyebrows, with many fans taking to social media to vent their dismay.


“How did Ella Henderson go from PRIDE to performing at the Tory convention!? Girl who is your target audience,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“Ella Henderson … the only people I know who listen to her music and have paid to see her are gay.

“His most consistent income has to be his slate of Pride gigs and the odd Mighty Hoopla-type gig every summer.

“What is she thinking?” questioned another.

“Ella Henderson performing at a Tory convention just weeks after doing a string of Pride events…” wrote a trio on Celebrity Big Brother alongside a clip of Kim Woodburn.

In this, how clean is your house? The star can be heard angrily: “It’s a shame that such a sweet girl with a kind heart is such a **** now.”

However, not everyone saw this as a bad move on the part of the Crazy What Love Can Do hit-maker.

“To be honest, there are loads of gay Tories on Pride committees, so Ella Henderson might still get booked,” put forward one.

TikTok and UK Music told The Standard in a statement: “Ella Henderson performed as a guest of UK Music and TikTok at the Conservative Party convention, following a similar event at the Labor Party convention a week earlier.

“Ella was also supposed to perform at the Labor Party convention, but she had to drop out due to illness.

“These events do not imply political affiliation and are organized to highlight the importance of the UK music sector and the success of our talent on a global scale.

“It is important that those in the government and opposition appreciate the importance of the UK music industry, both economically and culturally, and that is why UK Music – which is the representative body for the sector – exists and acts on behalf of the industry. does.”

Source: www.standard.co.uk

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