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Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s vision of an underground transit has got the green light in Las Vegas.

Commissioners in Clark County, Nevada, which includes gambling and tourism mecca, have given Musk’s Boring Company unanimous approval to build the Vegas Loop, an underground transportation network.


Granthshala 5 of Las Vegas reported that the proposed plan would move Tesla vehicles to destinations such as the Las Vegas Strip, the stadium home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders, and the University of Nevada campus in Las Vegas.

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A mini-version of the plan is already underway at the Las Vegas Convention Center and has been well received by users, according to Granthshala 5. A tunnel to the Resorts World Hotel in Las Vegas is now under construction and is planned for completion in early 2022. , stated in the report.

“Within a year, I expect we’ll be under construction with parts of the main system, and then we can continue to expand from there,” said Steve Hill, CEO and president of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. station .

When completed, about 700 Tesla vehicles will be able to travel through the system simultaneously, transporting about 57,000 people per hour, Hill said.

Use of the Vegas Loop will be based on fares, which he estimated at between $5 and $20 per trip, depending on the destination, Hill continued. He said most trips are likely to cost more than riding on public transport, but less than using a ride-hailing service.

The initial Vegas Loop may later be expanded to other parts of the region, the company said, Granthshala 5. According to.

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Hill told the station that the advantage of The Boring Company’s plan is that passengers will be able to reach their destinations without traffic lights, stop signs or other obstacles along the way.

The Musk Company plan is not using tax dollars, and will rely on local contractors and local workers, Clark County officials told Granthshala 5.

The Boring Company previously announced plans for other transit loops in Florida in July and Texas in August.