Elton John calls for “short-term fix” in post-Brexit tour

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    “Freedom of movement is complicated to understand and is very time consuming”

    Elton John has called for the implementation of a “short-term fix” as the series of post-Brexit visits continue.

    The musicians were left with a Brexit trade deal that came into action on 1 January 2021, meaning that artists would have to obtain a visa for each country they wish to perform in Europe.

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    As critics of the deal have stated, musicians not being allowed in the EU with visa-free work permits – as provided to workers in some other industries – mean a large increase in costs that Europe Being able to tour can prevent some functions. .

    Piece in an opinion for Guardian, John spoke of his own experiences playing shows on the continent when he was starting out. “Bringing your music from a different culture to a crowd that doesn’t necessarily speak the same language as you, just makes you a better musician,” he wrote.

    “As I discovered in the ’60s, you can spend months in the rehearsal room perfecting your craft and you won’t learn as much about live performances as you try to win over unfamiliar audiences for half an hour. I do. You have to make that visual contact with other humans. “

    Elton John (CREDIT: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic)

    He The current situation is called “ridiculous”. In recent weeks, the UK government and the European Union have pointed fingers at each other for the musicians’ deal. “Either the Brexit negotiators did not care for the musicians, or did not think of them, or were not adequately prepared,” John said. He said, “They screwed up.” The British government eventually has to step down to eliminate it: they need to go back and renegotiate.

    However, the pop star explained, “Understanding freedom of movement is complex and is going to take a lot of time”, and highlights the importance for young artists to capture the momentum behind them when they are at the beginning of their careers.

    John said, “Now musicians need a short-term fix.” “We should set up a support organization, partially funded by the music industry, where artists who don’t have the kind of infrastructure that I benefit from can have access to lawyers and accountants so that they To help navigate the problems created by Brexit. ” He The couple added that live music provides a “window of opportunity” due to the epidemic so that an organization can set up before the jigs return for a comeback.

    John recently had a meeting with UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden about the lack of visa-free touring in the Brexit trade deal. Later, he said he had “very positive” talks with Dodan, but the visa-free tour is not currently “on the cards”.

    The issue will be debated in Parliament tomorrow (8 February) after more than 280,000 musicians and fans signed a petition to return to negotiations with the European Union.

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