Emma Stone laughingly compares between ‘Cruella’ and ‘Joker’

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    From the first trailer for the moment Cruella Dropped in February, people couldn’t help but compare Joaquin Phoenix’s live action portrayal of Emma Stone to a young Cruella de Vil Joker Thanks to her Harley Quinn-esque look in the villainous original story. Almost immediately, Cruella Earned the nickname “Girl Joker” and reached a point where Stone and director Craig Gillespie are addressing comparisons between the two films.

    While covering the cover interview for the latest issue of Total movie (Via GamesRadar), Stone laughed off that suggestion Cruella Dark DC Comics is anything like a movie. “This is very different from the Joker in many ways,” she said before clarifying that she would not compare herself to Phoenix, whom she accepts as an actor. “I wish I were like him.”

    For Gillespie, the director went the more obvious route, highlighting that Joker Is a rated-R The film, and despite the fact that it is about a full-on puppy puppy killer who wears the skin of his victims as a coat, Cruella Is a Disney film intended for general audiences. “It’s definitely its point,” Gillespie said. “Just to discredit Crayla, I felt it was important to show this dark side of her. But it is going to be a lot of fun, plenty of humor. It has a very delightful banquet and rhythm in the style, which is different from the Joker.”

    Cruella Theater and Disney + hits with premiere access on May 28.

    (Via Total Film / Games Radar)


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