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He ordered a feast but ended up with nothing.

According to reports, workers staged a walkout at a Boston Market location in Southern California, as a result of which the store was unable to fulfill prepaid orders on Thanksgiving morning.


Adam Sharp, a customer who was stunned when he arrived at the store to see the “Sorry” sign posted outside, told KTLA he was frustrated and was now experiencing a real headache.

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“We have 12 people that we have to feed now and you can literally see the food inside the store and we can’t get to it. It’s disgraceful. No phone calls, they charged $400 to our card, ” They said.

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Boston Market did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Granthshala Business. Calls at the Rancho Cucamonga location were not answered. A spokesperson for the restaurant told KTLA that the company is investigating and is “in the process of returning the Thanksgiving order from each guest affected by our Rancho Cucamonga location.”

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“We sincerely apologize to every guest who ordered and visited the restaurant today,” the spokesperson told the station.

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KTLA Report He said that piles of orders could be seen inside the location, adding to the frustration of the customers.

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“No email, nothing about anything,” explains Joseph Amato Daily Bulletin. “And there’s food sitting there, food is sitting in the truck on the side, just waiting to see if anyone shows up. Now everyone here is without food. I’m really hoping to make this Thanksgiving easy.” I didn’t want to cook the whole dinner for the family, now I have to find a plan B.”