Eric Clapton says he will not play venues that require proof of vaccination

“I reserve the right to cancel the show”

Eric Clapton has said he will not perform concerts that require proof of vaccination.

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The veteran rocker has been publicly vocal about his opposition to lockdown restrictions and vaccinations in recent months, and last December he teamed up with fellow skeptic Van Morrison for the track ‘Stand and Deliver’, recorded by Morrison. Gone was one of the many anti-lockdown songs and those that faced significant backlash.

After the government lifted the ban on Monday (July 19), Clapton said in a statement posted on anti-vaxxer Robin Monotti Graziadei. telegram account: “Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, 19 July 2021, I am honored to announce my own: I would like to say that I will not perform on any platform where discriminatory audiences are present. I reserve the right to cancel the show until provision is made for the participation of all the people.”


It comes after the government announced that it would make proof of vaccination a legal requirement from the end of September.

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton. credit: Neil Lupine / Redfern

Last month, Clapton revealed that during the UK’s first lockdown he had begun consuming “alternative data” about the pandemic on YouTube from the group of academics behind the Great Barrington Declaration, which is intended for people at risk from the coronavirus. There was a call for ‘centred security’. The return to normal life for all others has been widely criticized by many public health bodies, including the World Health Organization.

“The more I went into it, the more I realized that I was distancing myself not only from the government but from the rest of the public,” Clapton said. He later said he joined anti-lockdown communities on apps like Telegram.

Describing the fact that he had to cancel a world tour as “disastrous”, Clapton stated that he considered leaving the UK altogether, but his collaboration with Morrison received backlash in the US. “As soon as I started talking about the lockdown and my concerns here, I was labeled a Trump supporter,” he said. “I’ve got some pretty overwhelming feedback.”


A large number of people in the music and entertainment world have received COVID-19 vaccines or encouraged the public to get their vaccines – including Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Demi Lovato, Morgan Freeman, Dolly Parton, Queen’s Roger Taylor , Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper. Elton John, Samuel L. Jackson and Willie Nelson.

Britney Spears even received them before telling fans that she “feeled nothing” and that it “wasn’t as bad as “people on the internet” are claiming.

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