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Eric Stonestreet is setting the record straight.

The 50-year-old actor caught the attention of his fans when he announced his engagement to fiancé Lindsay Schweitzer in August. When she shared pictures of herself and her sweetheart, critics took to the comments to note their age difference.


However, there is only a gap of eight years between the two, as Schweitzer recently turned 42.

Stonestreet recently spoke to Granthshala News and addressed the incident.

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‘Modern Family’ star Eric Stonestreet trolls critics who mistakenly thought he was too old for his fiancé

“Listen, she looks fabulous and I shouldn’t be punished for making her look so beautiful and young,” he quipped. “…Eight years isn’t such a big difference. I think people think I look like a coal miner, like a grizzly bear hunter or something ridiculous, and she looks beautiful.”

In response to critics of the time, she shared photos of Schweitzer with a filter that made her look much older — with whiter hair and wrinkles.

The actor told Granthshala News that sometimes someone in public mistakenly assumes that he and his fiancé are not a couple, joking that he understands it because he is “beautiful” and that he is “this monster”. Or something like that.”

“I think it’s funny,” he said with a laugh.

Sofia Vergara reunites with ‘Modern Family’ co-star Eric Stonestreet on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Meanwhile, Stonestreet said she got a strange reaction from her “Modern Family” co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson when he shared the altered photos. Ferguson reported that the comedy in which they appeared together featured a May–December pairing between Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill).

As far as Ferguson and Stonestreet’s relationship goes these days? The actor said the former co-stars are great.

Stonestreet said of Ferguson, “Whatever he wants to say about me, probably for the next 15 years, for all the crap I put him on the show.” “So he always takes vengeance against me and compensates for me, gives him trouble, pranks him on the show.”

Stonestreet said he was “constantly” after Ferguson while filming “Modern Family,” which ran on ABC from 2009-2020 and used to intimidate and intimidate the actor.

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“I would write things with my finger on the back window of my car, like ‘I’m the redheaded guy from Modern Family,’ ‘I live in a mansion,'” he recalled. “Okay, I’d write on his car, just different things like that. Then he’d drive with this message written on the back of his car. It’s one of those little things I do to him.” . I tormented him. But at some point, it became like, ‘Okay, okay, he’s not bringing me back. It’s just bullying. Cut it out.'”

The 50-year-old actor caught the attention of his fans when he announced his engagement to fiancé Lindsay Schweitzer in August.  When she shared pictures of herself and her sweetheart, critics took to the comments to note their age difference.

Besides acting and joking around with her co-stars, Stonestreet is also busy promoting National Pork Board. According to the star, the organization is Shedding “a positive light” on the industry while “busting some myths” about America’s pork producers and removing some of the “negative connotations” circulating about it.

Also, as he prepares to celebrate Halloween, he has ordered some “scary masks” that he plans to use to scare Schweitzer’s 9-year-old sons. It’s also a fun time of year for the star, as he sometimes sees people dressed up as his “Modern Family” character, Cam.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (left) and Eric Stonestreet (right) in 'Modern Family'.

“When the show first started, people would send me pictures of him dressed as Cam, and then he put a pillow in his shirt and I was like, ‘You don’t have to put a pillow in your shirt. That’s it. Put on the shirt. Come on!” he said.

Sometimes, people would make a couple costumes out of it, and dress as Ferguson’s Mitch, who was married to Stonestreet’s character, and even had children dressed as Cam. Was gone, pictures of his costume were going viral.

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Since the show ended, Stonestreet has reunited with Vergara when he appeared as a guest judge on “America’s Got Talent”, but there doesn’t appear to be any further “Modern Family” reunions or reboots in the books yet. Is.

“I think the window was closed on doing the spinoff,” he admitted. “I think that was the opportunity, but I think it’s out of the way at this point. But we’ll see.”

However, he noted that he and his partner are “all still in touch” and “close friends”.

It was a special experience playing Cam for Stonestreet, who said the dramatic but lovable football coach had some admirable qualities.

“Playing that character was always a great opportunity for me because Cam was a lot of things that I sometimes don’t,” the actor explained, describing Cam as “endurance and a celebration of life.”

“I miss aspects of [filming ‘Modern Family’], but mostly I miss my friends, the crew and all the people who make the show and I always say, I didn’t go to acting school but I know one thing they don’t teach you in acting school until 11 years How does one do the job and then says goodbye to everyone. You know, there were a lot of relationships, a lot of friendships, and then all of a sudden it ended.”