The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Star Erica JayneAccording to her lawyer, her husband Tom Girardi is having difficulty understanding the scope of her guardianship case as he battles dementia.

Girardi’s brother, Robert Girardi, was appointed his temporary mentor in February after it was revealed that the 82-year-old lawyer in Los Angeles was the victim. Memory loss.

The court has yet to make a decision on making the stereotype permanent, but a hearing took place in Los Angeles on Wednesday. A day earlier, Girardi’s court-appointed lawyer filed a report detailing his communications with him from March 15, when the temporary guardianship was modified.

In a filing obtained by Granthshala News, Girardi’s attorney, RM Anthony Coscio, said he appeared to have “not fully understood the nature of the proceedings” informing him of the June 9 hearing.

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“He responded to my interview with short answers,” said Coscio, who, while Girardi doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, didn’t mind his brother becoming his mentor permanently.

“He said he had no objection to petitioner Robert Girardi taking care of him and managing his finances. He indicated that he wanted to appear by saying ‘yes’ to my question,” Coscio wrote in the filing. “Finally, he also said ‘yes’ when asked if he wanted Robert to be his mentor. I was of the professional opinion that he did not fully understand, understand or appreciate the nature of the CAC disclosures. Although he had no objection to Robert, became his mentor.”

The guardianship is now before the court.

Robert first filed a request to be appointed as his sibling’s guardian on January 13. Robert is assisting Girardi in a recent lawsuit against him—which also involves Jane, 49—and his law firm, alleging multimillion dollar embezzlement From the families of plane crash victims.

In a previous filing, Girardi’s lawyer said he “lacks the ability to give informed medical consent and suffers from dementia.” Additionally, Robert claims in court documents seen by Granthshala News that Jane’s estranged husband is no longer able to make “reasonable decisions” on his own.

Erica Jayne married Tom Girardi, a high-profile lawyer, in 1999.  They announced their split earlier this year.

Jayne, who is also a singer and Broadway performer, announced divorce in November.

“After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi,” she confirmed to Granthshala News at the time.

The couple has been married for 21 years. In her petition for divorce, Jane requests that her husband cover her legal fees and provide spousal support. But Girardi reportedly Asks court to dismiss reality TV star’s request.