‘Escape Room 2’ streaming version features completely new material

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A new character and ending feature in the newly released version

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theatrical version of escape room: tournament of champions Its online version has a very different story, it has been confirmed.

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The extended cut of the film has a different ending, and one character in particular has been cut completely.

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*for spoiler escape room movies below. *


The theatrical version of the horror sequel travels with survivors of the original film Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) to confront Minos, the company that built the deadly escape room from which they managed to escape. are.

The company anticipates his arrival though, and manages to imprison him in another game with a group of fellow survivors.

The film dives into the inner workings of Minos with Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll), who was presumed dead in the first film, returning to play a key role.

Although in the online version, as confirmed blu-ray.comThe film opens with Henry (James Frain), a gamemaster for Minos, his wife Sonya, and their daughter, Claire. After Sonya threatens to leave Henry and take Claire, she mysteriously dies.

Amanda is also not in the film, and instead newcomer Claire (Orphanof Isabelle Furman) appears with a horrifying story of her own.


Although the online cut is only eight minutes longer than theatrical, it is believed to include 26 minutes of new material.

whereas tournament of champions Didn’t manage to surpass the box office earnings of its predecessor, a third film could still be on the cards, especially if the second film’s ending is anything to go by.

Director Adam Robitel shares some theories as to what the third installment might look like wrap.

“Does the movie pick up right from plane three, or is it going in a different direction? I love the idea of ​​opening a movie with people who are actually idiots watching these games, like they should be thrown into an escape room,” he said.

“Because they’re the real problem, aren’t they? They’re rubberneckers, they’re watching gladiators at the Coliseum feeding lions. So let’s see they get their Just Desserts.”

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