EU and Nato ‘believe Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine’

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Intelligence shared by the United States has reportedly convinced its EU and NATO allies that Russia may soon intend to invade Ukraine.

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Russian forces have been moving in large numbers along the border with Ukraine in recent weeks, raising concerns among some in the West that Vladimir Putin would soon authorize an invasion.

The conflict has not in the past resulted from previous activities of the Russian military near the Ukrainian border.


However, after a concerted diplomatic effort involving the unusually wide sharing of US intelligence, most of America’s allies in Europe now agree with the Biden administration’s assessment.

The US now hopes it can reach a consensus about the dangers of catastrophic economic sanctions against Russia that will be enough to deter any military action against its neighbour. unnamed officials told financial Times,

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“Many allies did not agree that serious things were happening,” an EU official told the newspaper. “We were surprised about this” [intelligence] The Gap – how and why America was seeing things we weren’t seeing.”

“If I had to compare the soundbites before this information and then [at the Nato meeting] In Riga, there was a big shift towards the American version of things.”

Joe Biden is due to hold a virtual summit with Mr Putin on Tuesday, where he will “reaffirm the United States’ support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, his press secretary Jen Psaki said.

The US president also said that he has prepared a package of possible sanctions as he moves forward with Russia’s offensive.

“What I’m doing is putting together what I believe will be the most comprehensive and meaningful initiative for Mr Putin to pursue, very difficult and people are worried about what they might do,” Mr Biden said last week.

Russian troops briefly invaded Georgia in 2008 to prevent Georgian forces from controlling separatist pro-Russian enclaves, and in 2014 did the same in Ukraine – as well as completely annexing the Crimean peninsula – to European countries. Following the pro-protest movement that toppled the rule of the President of Ukraine. Viktor Yanukovich.

In recent years, Russia has intensified its nationalist rhetoric, portraying regions of Ukraine as a perceived natural and historical part of Greater Russia and strongly condemning any move westward by Ukraine.

The US has said its intelligence shows that tens of thousands of Russian troops – about half of the 175,000 soldiers who would join an offensive – have already been moved close to the border. Any move to cross the border into Ukraine could come in January.

Mr Putin reportedly hopes to persuade Mr Biden to promise not to include Ukraine in the NATO alliance, but the US president has told reporters he will “not accept anyone’s red line”, while NATO The Secretary-General of Jens Stoltenberg said last week that no one in Russia could have a say in decisions about the alliance’s expansion.


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