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    Moscow. Considered one of the most powerful countries in the world, Russia has once again done a historic feat. Russia on Friday launched the world’s first floating nuclear reactor. After strict warnings from environmentalists, this reactor has been shifted to North Dhuvar. Russia has named it ‘Alkademic Lomonosoch’.

    Reactor is on a journey of five thousand kilometers

    According to the information, this floating nuclear reactor equipped with nuclear fuel has left for the northeastern Siberia from the Arctic Port of Murmansk. The total journey is 5000 km, which this reactor will complete in four to six weeks. It is being told that it has a weight of 21000 tonnes of the plant. It has two reactors of 35 MW capacity each.

    Russia: Explosion in nuclear missile during testing, area hit by radiation, 5 killed

    69 crew members aboard reactor

    Russia has embarked on a voyage with 69 crew members. Russia said that this reactor will help to set up a conventional nuclear plant in the areas where snow remains frozen throughout the year. Russia says that if this trip is successful, then in the coming time this reactor will also be sold to other countries.

    Climate will be severely affected

    Significantly, Russia started construction of this reactor in the year 2006. Russia hopes that this reactor will be operational by the end of next year. On the other hand environmental scientists have given it the title of ‘Nuclear Titanic’. Scientists have feared that Russia’s move will increase the risk of climate in the North Pole region. Also, after the explosion at the nuclear power plant in Russia this month, concerns about the environment have increased.


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