Even on 9/11, Biden tries to divide Americans

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During the 9/11 memorial on Sunday, President Joe Biden said, “It’s not enough for democracy to stand once a year or sometimes. It’s something we have to do every single day.” It was a day in the so-called MAGA Republicans that should be about national unity.

It would be great if the President could understand that people with whom he disagrees are also an integral part of this democracy. To isolate them is to desecrate democracy, and to desecrate democracy is un-American.

It sounds like centuries ago, but it hasn’t even been two years since Biden declared himself a champion for unity in his inaugural address. Uniting the country is a noble goal – one that most Americans support, our research shows – and a goal we share. America is as divided as it was in the 1960s and desperately needs a leader who can help heal the wounds of political polarization.

Unfortunately, the unity ship officially sailed when Biden compared millions of everyday Americans to extremists looking for the country’s downfall. The president recently took to the podium outside Philadelphia’s Independence Hall against an ominously dark, bright red background to deliver his “Spirit of the Nation” speech, in an apparent attempt to reverse the fortunes of Democrats this fall. Condemned the “Maga Republican”.

Some believe that the president’s attack on his opposition party at the memorial was unnecessary.
Getty Images/Anna Moneymaker

While the title should have given hope to all Americans that unity had finally arrived, the content of the speech was anything but united. Biden should have titled his speech “Dividing the Soul of the Nation.”

Biden has chosen to denigrate MAGA Republicans, a term he and his press secretary refuse to define because they know that if they did, Americans would easily see its hyper-partisanship. America is a country founded on freedom of expression. We can hold opposing viewpoints yet remain civil with each other.

Biden apparently can’t. The President of the United States sending a whole bunch of people vitriol based on their beliefs is disgusting and reminiscent of the Jim Crow-era politics we destroyed decades ago. He deliberately chose to divide us by isolating and ostracizing a specific group of Americans, and when you divide America, you attack America.

No action or provocation was taken by those whom he reprimanded before his remarks. He was not reacting to anything; He just chose a divisive path. In fact, Biden accused nearly half the nation of doing exactly what he himself is doing.

Countless policy issues are fair game for presidents: health care, energy, economics, foreign policy and immigration, to name just a few, but unfairly questioning the patriotism of large areas of the country is unacceptable.

Joe Biden
Biden attends a ceremony at the Pentagon on September 11, 2022.
AP/Andrew Harnick

As national directors of a group dedicated to bringing Americans together around the love and mutual respect of the country, we found this speech by America’s most powerful man and leader of the free world incredibly disappointing. Whenever a president addresses the nation in a prime-time speech, he must endorse the core American values ​​that have made our nation what it is today.

But Biden decided he would further divide Americans because he thought it would help his party politically.

The good news is that this strategy can be reversed. Biden’s hate speech “represents an alarming escalation in rhetoric” and is designed to provoke conflict among Americans, more than said 50% Number of voters surveyed in the State Conference/Trafalgar Group survey.

What will be the effect of Biden’s nonsense? Democratic politicians lead the president. And the rhetoric they make from the bully pulpit guides others in their party. Like Clockwork, House Speaker Nancy Pelosic issued a statement The president’s speech was also followed by condemnation of the “mega republicans”.

It also elicits a symmetrical response from the opposing side. If there was any doubt about the continued rise in political temperatures in this country, Biden ended it this month. The president’s 180 is an outrage at American unity as a purely political reckoning. If he doesn’t change his course, he will completely undermine any moral authority he has, and America will look elsewhere for the leadership it deserves.

Just a day after his speech, Biden claimed that he ran for president to restore “civilization” and “respect” to the nation, and to have “some respect for the people”, but none of the words were his direct reference to the American people. And intentional marginalization cannot be eradicated.

Barrington Martin II, a former Democratic congressional candidate in Georgia and Gabriel Nadales, a former Antifa activist in California, are co-national directors. our america,

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