Everglow’s agency denied allegations that Ayesha was a victim of school violence

    On February 23, Yuhua Entertainment denied rumors that Aisha of Everglow was a perpetrator of school violence.

    Yuhua Entertainment said, “We checked in together [Aisha] And confirmed that the allegations are false. She Does not even know who is the person writing the post. We ask that people stop spreading false information and speculate that they do not check to see if the information is true or false. If this continues, we will take stern legal action to protect our artist rights. “

    On February 22, an online user (known as “A”) wrote a post on Nat Pan claiming that she was a former middle school classmate of Ayesha’s. Shared a photo of her graduation album from 2016 as proof of this claim.

    One wrote, “[Aisha] I had a school kid who was a bully but wore a mask to become a celebrity. She When I started dating that boy, when she was close. She Told me she was his ex-girlfriend and made sexual comments with me, ‘How far have you gone with her?’ And ‘I’ve done XX with her, but you still haven’t?’ At first, I thought it was a joke, so I ignored it and moved on. But after that, whenever I passed by her, she would say, ‘I smell XX’ and ‘I feel bad for __ [boyfriend’s name] To fall for a XX. ‘The remarks she made will get progressively worse. “

    A claim was made that Ayesha and her friends had started physically assaulting her during this time, hitting her and stabbing her on the neck from behind.

    One continued, “The torment continued, so I broke up with my boyfriend, but he continued to make verbal and physical attacks. Once, when my ex-boyfriend was in the school grounds, he saw my face from the window and screamed. , ‘Hey __, she says she wants to do XX with you.’ All of the children and school students in the class heard him, so bad rumors started spreading about me behind my back. “

    One said that even after graduating from middle school she was influenced by bad rumors, which earned her a poor reputation in high school. One wrote, “I was often approached by male students who had heard that I was ‘easy’.” She Concludes that he had met Ayesha again after some time and Aisha appeared to greet him in a friendly manner and ask about a mutual acquaintance, not to recognize him.

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