Ex-Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vex covers Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’

    The musician left the Los Angeles band earlier this year

    Former Bad Wolves singer Tommy Wakes has shared a cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ – you can watch it below.

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    The musician left the Los Angeles band in January. No official reason for his departure has been confirmed yet.

    Now, Vex has shared the cover of Del Rey’s debut single. Posting on his Instagram page, the musician shared a video of him singing the track, lighting candles in a dark studio.

    “Dear Lover,” “They say the world was made for two, only worth living if someone loves you…. Maybe now you do ‘,” he wrote in the caption. “Happy Valentine’s Day . “Now see it below.

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    Wex is currently raising money for a cover album, along with two other records and her own record label. It is unclear whether his Del Rey cover will appear on the finished record.

    In a lengthy message on his GoFundMe page, he explained: “In April of 2020 I started recording whether 3D Bad Wolves should be a record as well as a double cover album. Being a 19 COVID, I found myself digitally collaborating with the same outside producers and songwriters who have contributed extensively to the band Debut and Seafour albums. After tracking 37 songs without much input from my former band members, it was clear that I had created a solo project.

    “As a result of the canceled culture, I was forced to withdraw from my label and received a hefty studio bill and no label to complete these recordings. […] It is now my goal to start my own label for artists fighting for the First Amendment and all their constitutional rights. “

    Last year, Vex retaliated on his controversial post about Black Lives Matter. Although his former bandmates had previously condemned the positions, he insisted earlier this year that those posts had nothing to do with leaving the band. “At the moment, what we would like to say is not about the canceled culture,” the band’s John Bokelin said in a video message.

    “We have a lot to rebut our political beliefs about anything. So I want to put some words aside from that and I think I feel as if I’m vague and cryptic, I’m not trying to be. “

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