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mark penClinton’s former senior adviser reacts Granthshala news poll About President Biden’s ratings and that the president’s popularity is waning as his policies add gas “to his own fire” on Granthshala Business’s “Morning with Maria.”

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Mark Penn: Looks like the president is pouring petrol on his fire here because the ratings are going down. There has really been no progress by the administration in any major issue, and the most important thing in a Granthshala poll is the economy, the number two issue after the virus. In fact, the President has taken a big slide here.

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I think the public sees [the Build Back Better plan] In terms of heavy taxes and spending, and I think this bill, as I said, adds more gasoline to the fire that we’re seeing here – on issues of immigration, crime, inflation, the economy, the deficit and foreign policy. . So these ratings are well underwater.

If the president doesn’t get successful ratings on key issues like the economy and fundamentals like gasoline prices and food prices, it’s going to have a huge impact. [on elections]. Look, right now, unless the administration changes a lot of things here or there, it’s headed for a pretty terrible mid-term and I think they know it.

Granthshala News poll: High voter concern over inflation as Biden economy ratings plummet

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