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Former Walmart chairman and CEO Bill Simon on Friday sabotaged the supply chain under President Joe Biden, calling it a “mess from start to finish.”

“I’ve never seen it like this, and I don’t think anyone living in this country has,” Simon told Granthshala Business’ Daegan McDowell. “I mean, it’s really phenomenal.”


Simon joined “Morning with Maria” to respond to Americans’ widespread criticism of Biden’s response to shipping challenges and rising consumer prices. The hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe caught on as a top trend on Twitter on Thursday evening.

“Our distribution system is short of labor and there is a shortage of people. [items] on the shelf,” Simon explained.

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Biden responds to supply chain crisis, urges private sector to ‘step up’

He suggested that Biden’s first step in overcoming supply chain disruptions is to address the current labor shortage.

“I don’t think it’s solved until we address the labor shortage that’s out there and truck people up and off the docks and stocking shelves,” Simon said.

With shipping and inventory backlogs expected to run into the holiday season, Simon believes huge retail stores will survive while smaller businesses may struggle to keep shelves stocked.

“Small retailers can’t get the product,” he said. “They won’t have anything left. It’s going to be difficult for them.”

House Republicans wrote Letter Disruptions will continue into 2022, the Biden administration asked on Thursday to evaluate solutions to the “ongoing supply chain crisis.”

Simon said he expects the current administration to pump more money into the economy.

“Funding is not stopping from the government,” Simon said. “We just saw the biggest Social Security increase in 30 years… there’s still this funnel of money coming in,” which creates greater consumer demand.

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And until it ends, Simon believes the US will face labor shortages and consequent supply chain issues.

“They are making deliberate calculations that it is better for them to stay out of [job] The market is yet to enter,” he said.

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