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The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday urged representatives of major US airlines to come up with ways they could do more to help stem the rise of alleged “uncontrolled” passenger incidents — and they should be able to scale those plans down to just a few. Asked to complete in days.

The agency said in a statement after meeting with industry groups including Airlines for America and the Regional Airline Association that the FAA had “called on airlines to take more action and to inform the FAA of additional steps within a week. Unchecked during the next month.” implement to stop the behavior,” according to Reuters.


Airlines for America told Granthshala Business that the organization is on board with the FAA’s initiatives “aimed at preventing and responding to uncontrolled passenger incidents” and that this is related to how the gathering was presented by some in the press. had gone.

“The narrative in the media coverage following today’s meeting with the FAA was misleading at best and did not reflect the collaborative dialogue and cooperative steps taken over the past several months,” Airlines for America said in a statement. “We are surprised by reports that are not in line with the tone or essence of today’s meeting and are destructive to the spirit of trust and partnership developed between our government partners and industry. Furthermore, such reports address the issue productively. and distracts from our joint mission of prioritizing the safety of all passengers.”

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Both Airlines for America and the FAA pointed to Granthshala Business on FAA Administrator Steve Dixon’s tweet after the meeting, which read, “Let me be clear: Aviation safety is a collaborative effort. Thank you @AirlinesDotOrg for your continued partnership.” Thanks to RAAtweets and NACA. Enough work to help reduce unruly behavior. Look forward to continuing our work together to protect passengers and crew.”

Flight attendants cry over unruly passengers, demand action from DOJ, FAA

The FAA’s appeal for assistance from airlines is the latest step in action against passengers who don’t follow mask guidelines or who turn violent on flights. Last month, Dixon wrote a letter asking airports to make arrests and enforce alcohol violations when incidents are reported. The agency issued a zero-tolerance policy earlier this year and imposed hefty fines totaling more than $1 million against passengers found responsible for in-flight disturbances. The Biden administration recently went as far as to double such fines for mask violations.

There has been an unprecedented increase in violent and disorderly passenger reports this year, fueling massive – but not outright – mask violations as frustration over ongoing rules aimed at curbing COVID-19 on commercial flights on commercial flights grow. Is.

In one incident a woman allegedly a flight attendant shooed away who asked him to wear a mask, and the FAA proposed a civil penalty of $20,000 for the alleged offense. In another, a flight had to be diverted because a passenger allegedly yelled at the attendants and started knock at the door Demanding the flight deck fix the phone charger in his seat.

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There have also been several incidents where passengers have been subdued using unorthodox methods to create movement in flight. Earlier this year, a man charged with punching a male flight attendant and two female attendants for allegedly getting drunk on a flight. duct-tape her seat in order to stop it.

Granthshala News’ James Leggett, Ann Schmidt and Greg Norman contributed to this report, which has been updated to add airlines to America’s response.