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Facebook has hired a highly influential Democratic aide away from the Senate committee that has set its sights on ruling Big Tech, as the company aims to ward off threats from Congress and the Biden administration.

The company confirmed to Granthshala Business that John Branskam, staff director and former chief counsel for the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Technology, would join the ranks of its federal policy team.

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Sen. Ron Johnson seeks answers from Biden on administration’s work with big tech to censor online posts

One Democrat told Politico, which previously informed of News, that the hire was “a stroke of genius by Facebook,” adding, “You’d be hard pressed to get more respect than John Branskum in that position.”

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Dan Gaynor, vice president of the Media Research Center, told Granthshala Business that it is “hardly surprising” that Facebook scooped up a top Democratic aide. “While Facebook employs some people from both sides of the aisle, it is still a shop dedicated to helping and supporting the Left,” Gaynor said. “Facebook provided significant support to Democrats in the 2020 election by suppressing the Hunter Biden scandal. It makes perfect sense that the company would add more Democrat operatives in the 2022 election.”

“It’s terrifying,” said Adam Guillet, president of Accuracy in the Media. “We are moving from ‘rule by law’ to ‘rule by corporation’.”

“Biden and the DNC can’t ban speech, but their allies at Facebook can do it for them,” Guillette told Granthshala Business. “And remember that the marriage of big government and big business is the literal definition of economic fascism.”

The move comes as lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle vowed to impose more stringent rules on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, Republicans argue big tech is actively censoring conservatives, while Democrats say That companies should be forced to do more. Stamp “misinformation” on their sites. With Democrats currently controlling both the presidency as well as both chambers of Congress, Branscom’s hire could help ward off threats not only from Democratic lawmakers but from the Biden administration’s regulatory agencies.

The Federal Trade Commission is currently suing Facebook and seeking to break up the company, claiming that the firm has violated antitrust laws and alleging that it uses its main network and ownership of Instagram and WhatsApp. Beach holds a large share of the social media market.

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According to the agency’s latest complaint filed this week, “Facebook’s conduct has eliminated nascent rivals and the possibility that the independent existence of such rivals would allow other Internet platforms to remove substantial barriers to entry.” that protect Facebook’s monopoly position.”