Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

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According to Justice Department sources, Facebook is spying on US users’ private messages and data and reporting them to the FBI if they express anti-government or anti-incumbency sentiments — or question the 2020 election. are.

As part of an FBI cooperation campaign, someone on Facebook has red-flag these allegedly subversive private messages over the past 19 months and transmitted them in modified form to the Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, without subpoena.

“This was done out of legal process and without probable cause,” alleged a source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“Facebook provides the FBI with private conversations that are protected by the First Amendment without a subpoena.”

These private messages were then produced as “leads” to FBI field offices across the country, which then requested the partner US Attorney’s office in their district to officially retrieve the private conversations that Facebook had. He had already shown them.

But when targeted Facebook users were investigated by agents at a local FBI field office, sometimes using covert surveillance techniques, nothing criminal or violent turned out to be.

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As part of an FBI cooperation campaign, someone on Facebook has reportedly red-flagged subversive private messages over the past 19 months.
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“It was a waste of our time,” said a source familiar with the summons requests filed during the 19-month frenzy by FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., to match the Biden administration’s rhetoric on domestic terrorism after Jan. To produce a caseload. , 2021, Capital Riot.

‘Red Blooded Americans’

Facebook users whose personal communications Facebook had red flagged as domestic terrorism for the FBI were all “conservative right-wing individuals”.

“They were gun-wielding, red-blooded Americans” [who were] Talking about protesting after the election in anger and with bullets in the mouth. There was nothing criminal, nothing about violence or murder or murder of anyone.

“As soon as a summons was requested, within an hour, Facebook sent back gigabytes of data and photos. It was ready to go. They were just waiting for that legal process so that they could send it.”

Facebook denied the allegations yesterday.

In two contrasting statements sent out over the span of an hour, Erica Sackin, spokesperson for Communications, Dangerous Organizations and Individuals at Facebook’s parent company Meta, claimed that Facebook’s interactions with the FBI were designed to “protect people from harm”. Was.

Former President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago was raided last month.

In her first statement she said: “These claims are false because they reflect a misunderstanding of how our systems protect people from harm and how we engage with law enforcement. We ensure that all government access to user information is available to us.” We carefully examine requests to be sure they are legally valid and narrowly formulated and we often back down. We respond to legal requests for information in accordance with applicable law and our terms and conditions whenever permitted. We provide notice to users.”

In a second, unsolicited “updated statement” sent 64 minutes later, Sackin changed his language, saying the claims were “false”, not “false”.

“These claims are absolutely false. The suggestion that we seek people’s private messages for anti-government language or questions about the legitimacy of past elections and then continuously supply them to the FBI is clearly false and its There is zero evidence to support that,” said Sackin, a DC-based crisis response expert who previously worked for Planned Parenthood and “Obama for America” and is now using Facebook’s communications on “terrorism and dangerous organizations and individuals.” lead.

FILE - Facebook's meta logo sign
“Google, Facebook and Twitter, these companies are global,” says one whistleblower.

agency doublespeak

In a statement Wednesday, the FBI neither confirmed nor denied the allegations made about its joint operation with Facebook, which is designated as “unclassified/law enforcement sensitive.”

Responding only to questions about the misuse of US users’ data, the statement curiously focused on “foreign lethal influence actors”, but acknowledged that the nature of the FBI’s relationship with social media providers was the “quick exchange of information”. “, and it is an “ongoing dialogue.”

“The FBI maintains relationships with U.S. private sector entities, including social media providers. The FBI has provided companies with foreign threat indicators to help them protect their platforms and customers from abuse by foreign malicious influence actors. U.S. companies have also sent information to the FBI along with investigational value related to foreign lethal influence. The FBI works closely with inter-agency partners as well as state and local partners to ensure that we receive information as soon as it becomes available. This may include threat information, actionable clues or indicators. The FBI has also established relationships with various social media and technology companies and established a system to enable the quick exchange of threat information. Maintains constant communication.

Facebook’s denial that it provided private user data to the FBI without a subpoena or search warrant would, if true, indicate that the initial transfer was by an individual (or individuals) at the company as a “confidential human source” has been nominated. The FBI, any person with the right to access and trace a user’s private messages.

That way, if questions arise about the misuse of users’ data, Facebook will have a “plausible denial” and its employee’s privacy will be protected by the FBI.

According to one of the DOJ sources, “they had access to search and were able to identify these conversations from millions of conversations.”

‘There were no antifa types’

Before any summons was sought, “that information had already been provided” [FBI] the headquarters. Lead already included details of the information [users’ private] message. Some of it was modified but most were not made. They basically had one part of the conversation and then moved on to the next, so it was the most serious part that was highlighted and taken out of context.

“But when you read the whole conversation in context [after issuing the subpoena] It didn’t feel that bad. , , There was no plan or conspiracy to carry out any kind of violence.

Some targeted Americans posted pictures of themselves “simultaneously gunning down and bitching about what happened”. [after the 2020 election], Some were members of a militia but that was protected by the Second Amendment. , ,

“they [Facebook and the FBI] Conservatives were looking for right-wing individuals. There was no one Antifa type. ,

These stories include articles about Hunter Biden's laptop.
Mark Zuckerberg previously said he regretted suppressing stories about the 2020 election.
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One private conversation targeted for investigation “turned into multiple cases because there were multiple individuals in all these different chats.”

DOJ sources who have decided to speak to The Post threaten their careers, as they are concerned that federal law enforcement is politicized and abusing the constitutional rights of innocent Americans.

He says that more whistleblowers are ready to join him.

For months, unrest has been brewing between the FBI and parts of the DOJ in the rank and file. The matter came to light last month after a raid at Mar-a-Lago, the home of former President Donald Trump, in Florida.

“The most frightening thing is that Big Tech colluded with the enforcement arm of the FBI,” says one whistleblower. “Google, Facebook and Twitter, these companies are global. They don’t have our national interest at heart.”

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