Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen hailed as 21st century hero – follow live

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Watch live as Facebook whistleblower testifies to US Senate about online child protection

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies ahead of a Senate hearing, urging the government to regulate the social media company.

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Ms. Haugen, who spoke in depth about the company during an interview with CBS 60 minutes On Sunday, it said the social network repeatedly prioritized “growth over security” and “is tearing our societies apart”.

Facebook stock fell on Monday after Ms Hogen was interviewed and its companies experienced an extended service outage.


It was the worst session performance for the company in nearly a year, with the share price falling 4.9 per cent – the worst drop since the five per cent fall recorded on 9 November 2020.

According to her written testimony, which is to be heard by the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Tuesday, Ms Haugen will compare the social media giant’s practices to those of the tobacco and motoring industries.

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“When we realized that tobacco companies were hiding the damage caused, the government acted. When we thought cars with seatbelts were safe, the government took action,” Ms Haugen said in her written testimony. “I beg you to do the same here.”

Earlier this year, Ms. Hogen left Facebook, where she worked as a member of its misinformation team. Before leaving his role, he copied a series of internal memos and documents that have been shared wall street journal in the last three weeks.


Engagement has long term implications

Ms Haugen says there are women who have been exposed to material related to eating disorders, who will suffer from brittle bones or become infertile in the future because of what they have seen or led on social media.

Earlier it said that users can be led by algorithms “from something innocent like healthy recipes to ingredients that promote anorexia in a very short amount of time”.

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 17:22

Subcommittee resumes hearing with discussion on profitability

On whether Facebook would still be profitable if changes were made to its engagement-based rankings – designed to keep users engaged with the platform for longer periods of time – Ms. Hogen says the company would “still be profitable”.

She says that being less toxic can make a company more profitable in the long term.

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 17:19

‘It’s quite possible that none of those ads were seen by humans’

Senator Lee presented examples of ads that, among other things, targeted children in the context of drug paraphernalia, and Ms. Hogen explained how the review process worked.

She explained that the company has a “deep focus on scale.”

“So the scale is, ‘Can we do things for a large number of people very cheaply? This is the reason why they rely so much on AI. It’s quite possible that none of those ads were seen by a human,” she explained.

“And the reality that we’ve seen from time to time documents within our disclosures, is that Facebook’s AI systems only capture a very small minority of abusive content. And best-case scenarios, and cases of something like hate speech.” In the U.S., they will get 10 to 20 per cent anytime.”

She continued: “In the case of children, this means that such drug-goods advertisements, it is possible that if they rely on computers and not humans, they may see 10 to 20 percent of those advertisements. Will never get more than that.”

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 17:05

A lot of bitter things have been done by the members of the committee so far.

Senator Markey in particular isn’t holding back.

“Here’s my message to Mark Zuckerberg – your time for invading our privacy, promoting toxic content, and victimizing children and teens is over. Congress will take action. You can work with us or with us.” can’t work.”

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 16:55

subcommittee taking leave

The subcommittee has withdrawn from the proceedings. This. It’s worth noting that this is one of the rare moments of unity between Republicans and Democrats in Congress—they may have different aims, but they also have a common enemy.

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 16:50

Facebook spokesperson pushed back on Twitter

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone is pushing back Ms Hogen’s testimony on Twitter in real time. He says Ms. Haugen did not work on child safety issues at the company – although she has acknowledged it in response to questions from senators.

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 16:39

‘American Hero of the 21st Century’

Much praise to Ms. Hogen from Senator Markey for ringing the alarm bells about Facebook.

“You are the American hero of the 21st century… and our nation owes you a great deal of gratitude.”

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 16:34

Changes not made to prevent worldwide conflict

We heard today how Facebook has played a role in conflict in Ethiopia and Myanmar, as well as unrest in Europe and domestically in the US.

Ms Hogen told Senator Cantwell that Mr Zuckerberg had been informed of changes that could have been made to prevent the platform from being enabled, but did nothing.

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 16:30

more on bullying

“Facebook knows that parents today – because they never experienced this addictive experience – give bad advice to their kids. They say, ‘Why don’t you stop using it?'”

“So Facebook’s own researchers know that kids express feelings of loneliness and are struggling with these things because they’re not even getting support from their parents…”

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 16:26

Today children are bullied differently

Ms. Hogen points out that the environment in which children are bullied today is different because of social media.

“For kids who are on Instagram, bullying follows them home. in his bedroom. The last thing they see before going to bed is that someone is cruel. The first thing they see in the morning… think about how it’s going to affect their domestic relationship.

Oliver O’Connell5 October 2021 16:24




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