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A Facebook employee who leads the social media giant’s Wall Street Journal investigation as the source will testify before US lawmakers on Tuesday, just a day after her former employer accused her of “separating our societies.”

Granthshala Business reported last month, citing a source, that the whistleblower, later identified as Frances Haugen, planned to reveal her identity as part of a deal to cooperate with Congress. Haugen is expected to appear before the Senate Commerce Committee consumer protection panel.


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He is expected to inform lawmakers that the social media giant faces slight lapses. The Guardian, citing his written testimony, said, informed of That she would say, “As long as Facebook is operating in the dark, it is not accountable to anyone. And it will continue to make choices that go against the common good.”

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The report also said that she will compare the company with Big Tobacco.

Facebook whistleblower accuses company of ‘separating our societies’

“When we found out that tobacco companies were hiding the harm it caused, the government took action. When we thought that cars with seatbelts were safe, the government took action. I ask you to do the same here. “

Haugen took aim at his former employer in an interview aired on Sunday and accused the social media giant of “separating our society” in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

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Despite assurances from the Facebook leadership that the company is working to make the platform safer, Haugen accused the company of placing profit above profit for the public.

After the interview she collected the documents and whistled the Wall Street Journal on Facebook, which was then published series of reports On files that disclosed previously unknown details about the inner workings of the social media company.

In a statement in response to the 60 Minutes interview, Facebook said they “continue to make significant improvements to combat the spread of misinformation and harmful content. Suggesting that we encourage bad content and nothing more Do it, it’s not true.”

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The company did not immediately respond to an email from Granthshala News after an hour.

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