‘Fair the Walking Dead’ introduces ‘King of the Crazies’

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    The walking dead Returns for next Sunday (or today, who have AMC +), but after six bonus season 10 episodes air, the back half of season six Walking dead fear Hwa (which might not have facilitated the return of Madison). Fear The episode is having its best run since at least The first half of season four, though it’s arguably better than ever, thanks to a different style of storytelling.

    In the opening half of the season, showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg broke into a series of spectacular stand-alone episodes, each focusing on a lesser number of characters. Hopefully the trend will continue as later Fear The characters continue to find each other and / or break away (the last we saw, John was separated from June, while several other characters were walking towards Morgan’s new outpost).

    The trailer promotes “death, decay, and destruction” in the back of the season, with many of the characters having guns pointed at their heads (including Daniel, by Ginny, who will clearly discover that he is Morgan’s mole), a Shot Sherry’s outcasts, and a very strange zombie rising from a tree. However, the most intriguing is that the trailer is being narrated by a new character, so-called “King of the Crazes”, played by John Glover, as a long-time character actor Is known. Smallville. From the look of things, his pandemic beard worked very well for his character. Presumably, he has something to do with the mysterious key on Morgan’s person.

    Sixth season of Walking dead fear Returns on 11 April. It is also due to start shooting seven seasons imminently.


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