‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Did Emily VanCamp play Sharon Carter in ‘Captain America’?

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    Emily VanCamp is not a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just as Nick Fury or Jarvis / Vision are. Still, his presence in Captain America’s story is as important as anyone else’s.

    As the niece of Peggy Carter, Agent 13, also known as Sharon, has battled on behalf of Captain America for two films and continues her aunt’s legacy. With Cap out of the picture, Sharon’s journey is just beginning and will continue Falcon and Winter Soldier.

    Sharon Carter at MCU

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    According to ScreenCrush, Sharon was first planned Part of agents of SHIELD, But the scheduling conflict made it a pipe dream. However, she was still ready to show off her chops Captain America: Soldier of Cold. Starting as Agent 13, it was up to Peggy’s funeral for Steve Rogers to realize what a relationship he had already had.

    A part of SHIELD Bloodline and the closest thing to a relative or friend outside of Bucky helps to build a relationship that grows less romantic and based on respect.

    Whether hunting Bucky or involving himself in the upcoming civil war, Sharon is not a supersoldier, in the same way that Captain America is, nor is he an expensive suit for anyone. In tune with Black Widow, Carter stands out with SHIELD for his skills, brains and moving forward. Unfortunately, her role is not finished yet.

    Emily VanCamp at MCU

    Emily VanCamp | Nathan Congleton / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

    In a series of quotes Compiled by Sahm Review, VanCamp talked about what makes her character so special and unique rather than the superpowers around her.

    “What I love about Sharon is her moral compass,” she told a group of fans. “I think she has a really strong moral compass and I think her and Steve initially identify with each other … I love a girl with a strong moral compass and very sincerely and I It seems that this is what she really has… You see she has a conflict with this film because she is struggling with her work and loyalty to her work. ”

    In another interview, OneCamp also commented on the role of women in the MCU and how it has changed since the early stages. Although it technically led to the second Iron Man film to feature just one female protagonist, no one took center stage on the big screen Captain marvel A decade later. However, as an iconic shot Endgame Suggested, MCU wants to change perception as a boys club. VanCamp is for the trip, for the record.

    “It’s a lot of fun to play this character, but it’s amazing to know that it can potentially empower you young girls,” she said. Interview with DailyCal.org.

    With a Steve Rogers picture apparently at least for the distant future, Carter must direct his way through a world without his famous aunt and decommissioned friend. Luckily, he has two friends who will help him get along.

    What will Sharon Carter do in the new series?

    Disney and Marvel have done a great job to ensure that things stay wrapped up. while Falcon and Winter Soldier Still months away, it is keeping that tradition alive. Sharon Carter showed up. However, a Super Bowl commercial covered by Wrap up, The audience sees Sharon emerging from the shadows, much to the surprise of the characters.

    Furthermore, her role is still a mystery. What do we know where his story will go? While Hot Topic Shirt The Wrap reportedly revealed that Carter is now running away from the same people his aunt helped bring to life, Disney and Marvel have already misled fans.

    However, we do know that Sharon, Bucky and Sam will get a chance to expand their roles when the series premieres in March.

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