‘Far Cry 7’ could go for an online-oriented approach

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The series may be going in a new direction

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possible title far cry 7 One could focus more on an online-oriented approach, something sources are taking note of.

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Stephen Totlio mentions it in axios gaming The email newsletter, adding that journalist Jason Schreier said in June about the series going in a “fundamentally different direction”, actually “tracks with my own source who said the company is looking for a next generation”. Was looking for a more online-oriented approach to the episode.”

recently released Far Cry 6 Critics seem to be divided, as some are pleased with the overall gameplay loop, while others note that the formula has been used since far cry 3 2012 is feeling incredibly stale.


Far Cry 6. Credits: Ubisoft

Granthshala Reviews for the game gave it four out of five stars and said, “It’s the same old Toothless totally different Play. It does a great job of it, but there’s no point in expecting it to be anything else.”

Exactly what this “online-oriented approach” stands for next totally different The meaning of the game remains to be seen. However, considering Far Cry 6 Having just released, Ubisoft will likely be waiting to see what everything looks like after the dust settles before committing to any series relocation decisions if they haven’t already been made.

Few other Ubisoft series have changed recently, or indeed, will. Assassins Creed saw a big shakeup with Assassin’s Creed Origins in 2017, and ghost recon going in a whole new direction Ghost Recon Frontline, which sees the series adopting a more than 100 player team-based battle royale game.

In other news, a developer for Apex Legends has said that Respawn Entertainment will look into ranking arenas soon, as players are reporting problems.

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