Far-right ‘Freedom Festival’ unites ‘doomsday’ church, Steve Bannon and the NRA

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An American firearms manufacturer and a rural church whose members worship with AR-15-style rifles are presiding over a weekend-long event, a civil war-prone with high-profile figures on the American right. Unites the far-right movement and Donald Trump, an ally of the former president.

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Kahr Firearms Group and Rod of Iron Ministries – both run by the same wealthy family with direct links to the International Unification religious movement – ​​host Annual “Freedom Festival” 10 in rural Pennsylvania, with a lineup that appears to bridge the GOP denial of the 2020 presidential results, with fringe figures elevating violent conspiracy theories interpolated with Christian themes.

Former NRA spokesperson, Dana Loesch, turned media personality, and former Trump adviser and Breitbart founder Steve Bannon are set to attend.


There are also presentations from certified NRA instructors, an AR-15 giveaway, and gun raffles and auctions, along with seminars on the Second Amendment and gun ownership, “more guns, less crime” and the state of firearms-related legal battles across America.

Those panels debated baseless conspiracy theories, including last-minute scenarios, including the “New World Order” United Nations conspiracy (“The Great Reset: What is Agenda 21 and 30 and what should we do?”) and “surviving the attack”. We do. And there is a caveat that “political persecution is only a cover for religious persecution.”

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Other guest speakers have included Covid-19 vaccine conspiracy theorists and members of Patriot Prayer, a group accused of collaborating with anti-fascist protesters in their violent clashes with the Proud Boys and white nationalist groups.

The two pastors will also discuss reviving the “dark regiment” in reference to American Revolutionary War-era clergy.

Former firearm industry executive Ryan Busse said The Daily Beast – which first reported on the event in 2021 – that the presence of high-profile figures provides the fringe movement with a degree of credibility.

“This is going to send a message across the country that this is normal, that this is okay. This American fascism is being developed right before our eyes,” he said. The Daily Beast. “It’s like Germany of 1936 at a seminar.”

While the Iron Bar is not the first “doomsday” movement in the world, “it is the first one that a former NRA spokesperson is speaking on,” Mr Buss said.

Kahr’s CEO Justin Moon and Rod of Iron Ministries’ founder Sean Moon are both sons of Sun Myung Moon, a self-proclaimed messiah and “father” of the unification movement, whose followers are involved in a massive business and business venture to promote their goals. are part of the political enterprise, which includes the unification of North and South Korea into one Christian state.

Upon arrival in the US, Sun Myung Moon emerged as a prominent figure within the American authority and helped Washington Times The newspaper – its current Managing Editor is scheduled to attend the inaugural function of the Independence Day.

Rod of Iron founder Sean Moon incorporated American outrage and culture-war politics into his syncretic-Christian ideology, which was adopted from the Unification movement.

Sean Moon claims that the inclusion of the AR-15 in the worship of the movement is biblical, citing a passage in the Book of Revelation that says Jesus used “to assert his authority during the end of the days”. iron rod”.

Granthshala Comments have been requested from the NRA and the organizers of the festival.


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