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Father of a Virginia student allegedly sexually assaulted biological man in skirt spoke to “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday after months of self-described “silence” as he was kicked out of a June 22 school board meeting by police and later ridiculed as a fanatic on social media it was done.

Scott Smith, 48 year old plumber according to daily mail, told host Laura Ingraham that he went to the first meeting of June not for a political reason, but because he had seen “all this crazy stuff on TV” and was worried after his daughter was assaulted.


“I’m good with gay people and cross-gender people — anyone who wants to be a good American, I’m good — I went there to find out why our kids weren’t safe,” he said. “Next thing I know, another parent-activist approached my wife and started protesting, and I said turning and stopping.”

Smith said he tried to explain to the woman how her daughter was assaulted in the restroom of Stone Bridge High School, but the woman persisted:

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“He looked me dead in the face and said ‘it didn’t happen’ – it hit me – how do you know what happened, you don’t even know me.”

Soon after, Smith reported being caught from behind and realized it was a police officer, as he was later confronted.

“I was just shocked. and horrified. I want to say, however, that we support our first responders and our law enforcement. This didn’t have to happen. It could have been handled very differently,” he said.

Loudoun County, VA, parents demand superintendent’s resignation over alleged sexual harassment at schools

Smith said members of the Loudoun County School Board at the meeting were not surprised by testimony from Smith and other parents who were concerned about issues such as allegations of CRT-infected curriculum.

“I believe he had all the intent on trying to shut that thing down early. Every time we clapped or supported someone, we were scolded for it. We clapped or .. .Why isn’t booze allowed? Everyone has their own opinion. Why can’t everyone just come together and discuss our differences? He surprised out loud, saying that board members saw the meeting as a “joke”.

Later in interviews, Ingraham revealed that a teen from Ashburn, Va., has since been charged with sexual battery and kidnapping at another area high school. Although the name could not be released because the suspect is a juvenile, Smith said the man was the one who allegedly assaulted his daughter earlier this year.

“We were under the impression from the prosecutor that this sexual predator was being placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor and that you would not return to school until these court sessions were over. Until you were proven guilty You’re innocent until you go – I understand that but we have to protect everyone at the same time,” Smith said.

Loudoun County, VA, father arrested at school board event

However, in the interim, Smith was informally advised to keep quiet about the allegations in hopes of a positive outcome or prosecution:

“Everyone told me, my lawyers, prosecutors, family friends, people I don’t even know, that if I want justice for my daughter, I don’t need to keep my mouth shut and speak because In order to get justice for my daughter, which is the most important thing for me, of course, was not to come out and let justice happen,” he said.

“It was my decision not to say anything. No one strangled me, but I was told if I wanted justice for my daughter and wanted the case to be finalized and a possible punishment, that I’ll have to keep quiet.”

Smith told Ingraham that he remained silent about the situation until last week, when a text message to his wife alerted the couple that a teen had been arrested and was involved in an attack on their daughter. was a rumour.

“Within half an hour, it was confirmed that yes, it did. I basically said this was it. I won’t be quiet anymore,” he said.

Regarding a letter written by Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the focus on angry parents at school board meetings, Smith called that action by the Justice Department “scary.”

“It is really scary that our government will arm itself against parents and use my videos all over the country to spread fear. This is wrong. I am not a bully. I am not a racist. I am against everyone. I love this country. I want better stuff for it,” he said.

In relation to the alleged assault on Smith’s daughter, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office told Granthshala News that the May 28, 2021 case was related to “a 2-month-long investigation conducted to determine the facts of the case prior to the arrest”. .

“This case is still pending for court proceedings. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has not been able to provide any documents related to the pending case.” The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the case was related to sexual assault.

All juvenile records are sealed, but Smith’s attorney, Elizabeth Lancaster, told The Daily Wire that the boy was later charged with two counts of forced sodomy, one count of anal sex and one count of forcible fellatio.

In response to a public records request by The Daily Wire, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the May 28 report accompanies “Offence: Forceful Sodomy.” [and] sexual battery” is present at Stone Bridge High School.

The suspect was arrested two months later after an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.

Minutes before Smith’s arrest at a June 22 board meeting, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Superintendent Scott Ziegler announced that “the predatory transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and to his information, “we have There is no record about the attacks in our restrooms,” the Daily Wire reported.

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On October 6, at another school, a 15-year-old boy was charged with sexual battery and kidnapping a fellow student, Sheriff’s Office reported. The boy allegedly forced a female victim into his empty classroom, where he grabbed her against her will and touched her inappropriately. The report links the two attacks, although police have not confirmed to Granthshala News that they involved the same male student.

“These incidents were immediately reported to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and the LCPS fully cooperated with the investigation,” a Ziegler spokesman told Granthshala News. “Any information relating to student information is confidential under state and federal laws relating to student privacy.”

At a school board meeting Tuesday evening in suburban Washington, DC, county, many of an estimated 60 parents called for Ziegler to resign.

Granthshala News’ Tyler O’Neill and Jessica Chasmar contributed to this report.