FAU freshman Caleb Pendleton hit two grand slams in the same innings

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    The college baseball season began this weekend for many teams and in Boca Raton, Florida Atlantic Ovals began their season with a series against foe UCF in the state. On Saturday, freshman Caleb Pendleton made his debut and stepped up to the plate in the second innings with no outside load for the bat in his first collegiate.

    Pendleton would drive a ball deep over the left field fence for a grand slam in his first plate appearance, which usually meant it would all go downhill from there. Barring the fact that FAU is apparently an aggressive juggle, it won its opener 20–15 on Friday and once again loaded bases in the same innings when Pendleton once again stroked the plate. In a replay of his first at-bat, the freshman hit the ball over the left-center fence for an extremely rare two grand slams in an innings.

    Fernando Tatis (Sr.) did not do so for the Cardinals in April of 1999 as such a feat has been managed in a high-level baseball game (at least to my knowledge) and Pendleton has made his first two at-bats. Ever did this at the college level. This is a hellish way to start your career and his second-innings heroines led the Ovals to a 12-6 victory and started the season 2–0 against their opponent.


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