Dr. Anthony Fauci minimized the dangers of coronovirus variants, even as health officials prepared for the possibility that those variants would become major stressors in the United States.

Several new strains of coronovirus have appeared in the last few months, the most notable being the South African version.

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The British version, B.1.1.7, showed greater broadcasting capacity, but the South Africa version cut the efficacy of current vaccines.

“Fortunately, it is not effective at all in this country,” Fauci told “Granthshala News Sunday” to Chris Wallace. “However, the fact that it does not protect vaccines does not protect against the acquisition of clinically evident disease with South Africans.”

Fauci advised that some models project to make the British version effective by the end of March, but current vaccines are still effective against that particular version.

“If, in fact, it becomes more effective, we may have to get a version of the vaccine that is directed against South African isolation,” Fauci said. “And, in fact, we are already doing preliminary and preliminary experiments to develop such a version of the vaccine to address that particular mutation.”

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The new variant poses a potential challenge as the debate over the reopening of schools continues. The CDC continues to say that teachers should have priority to receive vaccines, but that teachers do not need to be vaccinated to go back to teaching in person.

“We are doing what we can to protect students and teachers, but it is not a requirement,” Fauci said on the subject.

One of the main goals will be to vaccinate high school students, with American 16 and older vaccines approved. About half of the high school student population is potentially vulnerable to infection like adults.

Fauci advised that high school students plan to receive the vaccine later this year so that they can resume individualized teaching in full.

“Likely that will be in the fall,” Fauci said.