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Dr. Anthony Fauci has cautioned that health officials may change the definition of “fully immunized” to include COVID-19 booster shots – if the data suggests so.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) last week recommended that all adults age 18 or older should receive a vaccine booster shot six months after the last shot of a complete vaccine regimen.


Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamonte And New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham – both Democrats – have said that the definition of fully vaccinated should now include a booster shot as each prompted all adults in their state to get the additional shot.

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Fauci said health officials do not plan to completely change the definition of vaccination to include booster shots, but acknowledged that it could happen.

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“We’re just going to take a look at what the durability of the booster is like,” Fauci said.state of the Union“Host Dana Bash. “We’re going to follow people who promote.”

A Registered Nurse Johnson & amp;  Fills a syringe with  Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at a pop-up vaccination site on April 8, 2021 in Staten Island, New York.  (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, FILE)

“People shouldn’t be put off by the fact that as time goes on and we learn more and more about safety we can revise the guidelines,” he explained. “That’s what we’ve been saying, follow the science, things change and you have to follow the data.”

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For now, the definition of thorough immunization will remain as two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna regimen, or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

California Governor Gavin Newsom receives a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot on October 27, 2021 from Dr. Mark Galley, California Secretary of Health and Human Services, in Oakland, California.

Fauci later said on ABC “This weekThat he hopes the booster shot will not be reduced in the same way as early regimens did, which will allow Americans to avoid more routine booster shots in six months or a year.

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“We would expect, and this is something that we are looking at very carefully, that that third shot with mRNA not only gives you a boost, but increases the durability so that you don’t need it every six months or a year. Yes,” Fauci said. “We’re hoping this will push it further.”

“If it doesn’t, and the data shows we need to do it more often, we will do it, but we want to make sure we better protect the population and do whatever you need to do.” Need to do that.”

Fauci urged parents to vaccinate their children now so they can be fully vaccinated by Christmas.