FBI investigating US nursing home handling by US attorney Cuomo

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    The FBI and the Eastern District of New York US Attorneys have opened an investigation into the hands of Andrew Cuomo of the nursing home, allegedly amid a coronovirus epidemic.

    Investigation, The Times Union revealed, Is investigating works related to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities by members of Cuomo’s coronovirus task force.

    Cuomo’s administration has ordered nursing homes to accept infected patients discharged from hospitals since March 25 following a directive from the state health department.

    Critics have argued that the health department’s order contributed to the state’s high nursing home death toll with the spread of the virus.

    The dispute escalated last month when state Attorney General Letitia James issued a poor report stating that nursing home COVID-19 deaths in the state could be less than 50 percent.

    The discrepancy, the report said, was not disclosing the state’s result of how many nursing home residents died in hospitals.

    The AG’s report found the death of COVID-19, a resident apparently living in some nursing homes in the state.

    Following the report, Health Commissioner Howard Zucker released the final revised figures, stating that the total was 12,743 January 19.

    The day before, DOH was only publicly accepting 8,711 deaths in nursing homes.

    Then, last week, The Post specifically asked the governor’s office to hide nursing home death numbers from the state Legislature.

    Cuomo’s top aide, Derasa, privately admitted to Democratic lawmakers that the administration withheld data on fears “being used against us” by federal prosecutors.

    DeRosa, a member of the State Coronaires Task Force, also described the administration as “inaccurate”, citing lawmakers investigating a Trump-era Justice Department investigation into the state.

    Reacting to the news of the federal investigation, Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi said, “As we said publicly, the DOJ has been paying attention to it for months. We are cooperating with them and we will continue this. “


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