Ottawa – Major-Gen. Danny Fortin’s request for reinstatement as head of Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been rejected.

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In a ruling issued Tuesday, Federal Court Justice Ann Marie McDonald found that Fortin “must end the internal complaints process before seeking a remedy in this Court.”

Following a judicial review ruling, the court heard the dispute between Fortin’s legal team and the government responsible for removing the senior military officer during a two-day hearing in September.


The senior military officer was removed in May from his role as Canada’s Vice President of Vaccine Logistics and Operations after the military police began an investigation into a sexual misconduct claim made against him by the Royal Family in early 1988. I was a student. Military College in Saint-Jean, Ky.

A few days after Fortin was fired, the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service referred the case to the Quebec Criminal Prosecution Service, and in August, Fortin was indicted in Gatineau, Ky. with one count of sexual assault.

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Fortin has denied any wrongdoing and vowed to defend himself “vigorously” against the allegation. According to The Canadian Press, the next court date in that case is set for November 5.

This is a breaking news update, with more to come.