A federal judge issued a permanent injunction restraining the release of hundreds of hours recorded during National Abortion Federation (NAF) meetings. The footage was recorded by anti-abortion activist David Delden.

One of the appointments of former President Barack Obama, District Court Judge William Orrick, stopped the release of the footage through an initial injunction in 2015 and issued a permanent injunction on Wednesday.

Deleon’s explosive S of Planned Parenthood officers discussing fetal tissue transfer prompted at least one federal investigation and at least one federal investigation by the Congressional Justice Department, resulting in charges yet to come.

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The NAF accused Daleiden and other Center for Medical Progress Activists of breach of contract when they used the nickname and indicated that they worked for a company called Biomax Procurement Services to gain access to the 2014 and 2015 NAF annual meetings .

Dalliden and the Center for Medical Progress argued that withholding S’s release is a violation of his First Amendment rights.

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Oric wrote That “no criminal activity is despised”, but Dalliden responded by hinting at its contents on Thursday.

“What does the abortion industry find on footage of public talk in business about how desperate it is to cover planned paternity leadership?” He asked in a statement to Granthshala News.

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“This decision hides the most damaging and damaging footage under the fig leaf of trade show display agreements, which explicitly allows exhibitor recordings,” he continued. “This transparent attempt to suppress free speech to skew the law and protect wrongdoing must be stopped, and the truth must be revealed.”

The NAF praised the ruling in a statement to Granthshala News. “The court reviewed these hundreds of hours in our meetings and No evidence found Criminal activity by NAF members, ”said NAF President and CEO Katherine Ragsdale.

“This permanent injunction is incredibly important for the safety and security of our members,” Ragsdale said. “We documented the cycles of harassment and violence against the NAF, our members and other abortion providers with the release of each from 2015, and we want to prevent any future attacks.”