“Finally a Champion We Can Honor” – Former WWE Superstar Shot at Drew McIntire after Elimination Chamber

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    Former WWE Superstar Stu Bennett took on The Miz in the Elimination Chamber 2021 following his WWE title loss following a light-hearted shot at Drew McIntire.

    At the 2021 Elimination Chamber event, Drew McIntire saved the Raw Elimination Chamber match, which was contested for the WWE Title. Following the victory, McIntire was attacked by Bobby Lashley, after which The Miz Gir turned on the WWE Champion to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

    It took The Miz less than a minute to take down McIntire and win the WWE title for the second time in his career. The Miz later posted his reaction to a big win on his official Instagram handle. Former Nexus leader Stu Bennett posted a comment praising The Miz, and in the process took a shot at Drew McIntire. Check out the post, as well as Bennett’s comment, below:

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    Stu Bennett and Drew McIntire are incredibly close in real life

    Stu Bennett and Drew McIntire go back, and are close friends in real life. Both have taken favorable shots of each other in the past. Last year, Drew McIntire won his first WWE title by defeating Brock Lassner and was greatly praised by Bennett. He Couldn’t help himself though, and eventually took a snickering jib at McIntire.

    “We were both hired by WWE on the same day. We still lived together in development. To this day, we are very good friends. I congratulated him on winning the championship. We speak regularly. And yes, still very tight. So, I’m thrilled for him, but let’s be honest, Drew McIntire knows I’ll kick his **. If I ever get back in the ring with him, I’ll be his ** “And he knows. It’s so easy.”

    Drew McIntire is not one to hold back, and fans can expect him to hit on Stu Bennett’s comment soon. For the WWE title, McIntyre would be seeking exact revenge on Bobby Lashley, and then focus on withdrawing the WWE title from The Miz.

    Published on 22 February 2021, 15:52 IST

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Drew McIntire Stu Bennett (Wade Barrett)


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