A First Amendment group is suing the University of Central Florida over a set of policies that “cools protected speech and expression” of students over violations of the Constitution.

The speech was sued by Speech First on behalf of three of its students at UCF, which it says are afraid to give their political opinions because of the school’s “discriminatory harassment” policy; Its computer policy and its bias response team called it the “Just Nights Response Team”.

Speech First President Nicole Neeley told Granthshala News, “We believe the school has designed these policies to influence students’ speech so that the policies have both design and impact to discourage students.”

The UCF College of Medicine in Orlando, Florida, United States, is located on the University's Health Sciences campus in the Nona neighborhood of Lake Orlando.

The UCF College of Medicine in Orlando, Florida, United States, is located on the University’s Health Sciences campus in the Nona neighborhood of Lake Orlando.

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“Now in most universities if they were to avoid the ban – you know, ‘You can’t say I support President Trump …’ If they had that on the books, challenged it Will, it will be thrown out, “she continued. “So instead they use what I think are like Vessel words. They ban offensive language or disturbing language or … words that students find abusive.”

UCF’s “discriminatory harassment” policy restriction is based on “verbal, physical, electronic or other conduct based on a person’s race, color” or several other categories, depending on the person’s educational or employment opportunities, university programs or activity Interferes with participation in or attainment of. Legit-requested services. “

The Just Nights Response Team is described as “a clearing house for any prejudice-related incidents that may occur on UCF campuses.”

Meanwhile, the university’s computer policy, SpeechFirst, states, “Students are prohibited from using university Internet networks to ‘broadcast to others or display images, sounds, or messages that are appropriate Can be considered oppressive, aggressive or unwanted. ‘ It also prohibits students from sending ‘harassment or hate messages’ from their university email accounts.

According to the university, the policy and bias response team aims “to provide individuals with a platform to influence positive change in our campus community to report traumatic events. In return, we provide a Open and transparent university communities will create feedback. To deal with these incidents. “


These policies, Speech First says, are discouraging three students who identify it as “student A,” “student B,” and “student C”, to express their opinions fully about controversial issues From

These students “hold views that are unpopular and minority on campus” such as the belief that “abortion is immoral;” People should not “be forced to use certain pronouns” for one’s gender identity; And that “Americans should have the right to bear arms, even rifles, to protect themselves and others from the government.”

These students, the lawsuit claims, “do not fully convey [themselves] Or talk about some issues because [they] Fear[] Other students, faculty members, or others will report [them] Just Knights Response Team to commit ‘bias-related’ crime. “

The lawsuit, students say, is also concerned that they may get into trouble with computer policy for using the university email system for political speech, and is worried that other students are “unsolicited” or “abusive to their views” Can be found under “” “”. Discriminatory harassment “policy, the speech says first.

“It’s discriminating on the basis of approach and it’s trying, it’s getting students to self-censor,” Neely said. “There’s just the fact that students are discouraged from expressing their point of view because they can get in trouble for saying pretty much anything, anytime, anywhere, which is appalling because any student is actually I don’t want to deal with a disciplinary system if push comes to shove. “

She ADDED: “If you know this thing is out there and it will pull you in and you have to explain yourself in front of the commander, provost and all these people of the police force … I think the students are very logically Makes decisions: ‘You know what, it’s just not worth it.’

Justice Just wants to violate the Just Nights Response Team and stop the university from enforcing its computer policy and “discriminatory harassment” policy, citing vogacity and overbroad policies, for violating First and Fourth Amendments.

Granthshala News has reached UCF for comment.