OTTAWA – You may soon have a little splash of blue in your pocket, a new penny from the Royal Canadian Mint commemorating a national emblem.

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Mint 100. is launching Canada’s first colorful dimes in celebration ofth Anniversary of Bluenose, the famous fishing schooner that adorns coins.

The Mint has redesigned the schooner’s image for the first time since it appeared on Canada’s 10-cent coin in 1937. The new design is by Nova Scotia nautical artist Yves Berube.


“We are thrilled to celebrate 100”th “The anniversary of Bluenose with a new design that will be broadcast from coast to coast as we reaffirm our pride in an enduring symbol of Canadian knowledge and innovation,” Mary LeMay, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, said in a news release.

The Bluenose was launched from Lunenberg, NS in March 1921 and became an important Canadian symbol during the next 25 years, becoming known as the ‘Queen of the North Atlantic’.

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In a news release, the mint called the color version of the coin “an unprecedented first for a 10-cent circulation coin”. It has blue paint to highlight the deep waters of the North Atlantic, the release said.

Six million colored versions of the coin are in circulation with the new bluenose design, as well as an additional nine million non-coloured versions.

The coins are also double-dated ‘1921–2021’ in recognition of the anniversary. They start walking from today.