First, it was the semiconductor chip. Could a tire shortage be next?

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There may be another shortage on the horizon in the auto industry.

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While not as bad as the Granthshala semiconductor chip shortage that has wreaked havoc on the sector, there is growing concern that purchasing certain types of tires this winter could be challenging.

“If you’re thinking you need a new set of winter tires this year, work on it before fall because there’s going to be a limited supply of the right size for your car,” he said. motormouth youtube channelK Jack Spencer.


Granthshala shipping container shortages, epidemic disruptions within the rubber sector, and rising demand from China – a major consumer of rubber – are affecting supply.

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“The shortage in the world has more to do with the supply chain. It is difficult to move the product via shipping. It’s hard to take a product from the factory to the market,” said yesterday Tire’s Barry de Boer.

The company said its inventory of winter and all-weather tires for passenger and light trucks is in good supply, but it is monitoring the situation carefully.

Still, specific brands and sizes may be in short supply.

“If you’re really specific about tire size and make and model, there can be some challenges,” de Boer said.

Wade Bartok, president and CEO of OK Tire North Shore, said his store was well prepared as the company quickly stocked up in hopes of avoiding a shortage.

But he still urged customers to plan ahead and even start thinking about spring.

“All tire manufacturers assure us that there is going to be an abundance of tires and don’t worry, but on the rubber side, raw material seems to be the pinch point.”

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Best Advice If You’re In The Market For Tires? Shop early and be flexible.

“With tyres, it’s very competitive with a lot of great operators, and you expect to come in and have a tire on the shelf. That can’t happen,” Bartok said.

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