Fiscal general de NY demanda a Trump y su compañía

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New York Attorney General Letitia James on Wednesday sued former President Donald Trump and his company, accusing him of fraud to increase the net worth of properties such as golf courses, hotels and accommodations in the city by billions of dollars. Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago.

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James described the trick as “the art of stealing”, a reference to Trump’s book “The Art of Dealing”.

The lawsuit that Democrat James filed in state court in New York is the culmination of his three-year investigation into Trump and the Trump Organization. The lawsuit also includes Trump’s three eldest children — Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric — as well as two company executives: Alan Weiselberg and Jeffrey McConkey.


The 222-page lawsuit shines a spotlight on the image of wealth and opulence that Trump has long projected in his career, first as a real estate entrepreneur, then on the reality shows “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice.” in the form of. as President.

The document details dozens of examples of alleged fraud, many of which are included in the annual financial statements that Trump would give to banks, business associates and financial magazines as proof of his fortune when seeking loans and deals.

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For example, according to the lawsuit, Trump claimed his Trump Tower residence — a three-level penthouse with gold-plated fixtures — was nearly three times its actual size and the property was valued at $327 million. James said that no apartment in New York City has ever been sold in such numbers.


According to the lawsuit, Trump applied misleading numbers to his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Florida, valuing the private club and residence at more than $739 million, more than 10 times a fair valuation. , Trump’s figure was based on the idea that property could be converted for residential use, but provisions in the deed prohibit this.

James said in a press conference, “This investigation has revealed that Donald Trump has over the years engaged in illegal conduct to increase the net worth of his assets, in order to defraud the banks and the people of the great state of New York.” ” “Saying that you have money that you don’t have is not an art of negotiating, but an art of stealing,” the officer said.

James said his investigation uncovered potential criminal offenses, including falsifying company records, dissemination of false financial statements, insurance fraud, conspiracy and bank fraud. He said his office decided to hand the findings over to federal prosecutors and the Internal Revenue Service.


James wants Trump and other defendants to pay at least $250 million, an amount he says was the estimated value of profits made through fraudulent practices.


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James, who is a Democrat, announced the details of the trial at a news conference on Wednesday. The prosecutor said his office filed the case — which is civil, not criminal — after rejecting attorneys’ settlement offers for the defendants.


The office said the alleged plan was intended to enhance Trump’s image as a billionaire and to increase the value of his assets to obtain commercial benefits, such as obtaining loans on favorable terms, while at other times using his assets for tax purposes. reducing the value of the property, the office said. I am alone

In a statement posted to his Truth Social website, Trump described the trial as “another witch hunt by a racist attorney general”, and James, who is black, as “a hoax who ‘took Trump’. Campaigned on the promise of ‘catch up’.”

Later, in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, Trump said his company’s financial statements warned banks not to trust the information provided.


“We have a disclaimer up front,” he said, warning the banks: “‘You are at your own risk’… Get it, use your own appraisers. Use your own lawyers. Don’t trust us.'”

Trump’s attorney Alina Habba said the lawsuit “doesn’t focus on facts or the law, but only on furthering the attorney general’s political agenda,” and accused James of abusing his authority “by spying around.” accused of. Irregularity.

Habba said the allegations in the trial are “baseless”.


James intends to separate Trump from the companies involved in the alleged fraud and that an independent observer be appointed for at least five years to oversee that the Trump Organization discloses its financial statements, valuations and information to creditors, insurers and tax officials. complies with the given information. ,

He also wants to replace existing holders of the Trump Trust, which controls its business interests, with an independent trustee; bar Trump and the Trump Organization from acquiring commercial real estate for five years; ban them from obtaining loans from banks in New York for five years; and permanently prohibit Trump or his three eldest sons from serving as directors or deputy directors of any company registered or licensed in the State of New York.


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