One of the leading Florida Democrats who spoke out against the controversial “60 Minutes” report targeting Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is shedding light on what he told CBS News.

Members of both parties have promised to introduce a “hit piece” accusing the 2024 Republican presidential candidate of involvement in the “pay-for-play” scheme. CBS News released a statement on Tuesday defending its Sunday night report.

According to CBS News spokesman Granthshala News, “When Florida State data showed people of color were vaccinated at a much lower rate than their wealthier neighbors, ’60 Minutes’ around the rollout of the vaccine Controlled the facts of. ” “We requested and joined interviews with dozens of sources and officials. We requested an interview with Gov. Ron DeSantis, he declined; we spoke twice to Jared Moskowitz, director of State Emergency Management, but He declined our story until the on-camera interview. Well after our deadline. We ignored his idea.

“For more than 50 years, the facts reported by 60 Minutes have often sparked debate and prompted strong reactions,” the spokesperson continued. “Our story speaks for itself Sunday night.”

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Moskowitz, a Democrat who knocked in the “60 Minutes” report after it first aired, fired back at Twitter.

“I spoke with @ 60Minutes. I never said no,” Moskowitz began. “They were great, but I told them that the @publix story was ‘bull —‘. They went through the whole process.”

He said, “The fact that I am not sitting on the ‘camera’ because I am responding to a 100-year emergency does not change the truth.”

Emails received by Granthshala News shed some light on the correspondence between CBS News and DeSantis’ office before Sunday’s broadcast.

On March 31, before airing on Wednesday, “60 Minutes” associate producer Emily Gordon sent a list of questions to Descentis’ communications staffer, Meredith Beatrice, with a deadline set for 5pm the following day was. Questions included: “How the state determined seniors were more at risk for” coronovirus “than other groups,” “response to claims from sources” that called the vaccine rollout “favored by wealthy communities” African American and Hispanic residents “did not seem to be vaccinated as quickly” as the whites.

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Beatrice replied that Decentis’ office be given more time to answer questions. However, according to the source of the situation, CBS never responded.

The next morning, “60 Minutes” producer Oriana Zill de Grandos confirmed to Beatrice that DeSantis’ report would be aired on Sunday and wrote: “Please send us your responses when you are able.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a media briefing regarding the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday January 26, 2021 at the Publix Supermarket in True Coast Plaza, which is in Vero Beach.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a media briefing regarding the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday January 26, 2021 at the Publix Supermarket in True Coast Plaza, which is in Vero Beach.

According to an email obtained by Granthshala News, Beatrice requested Zill de Grandos and Gordon interview Moskowitz, who said he was available to do an interview that day and Friday by a studio or Skype.

The producers of “60 Minutes” responded that they had “repeatedly” requested an on-the-record interview with Moskowitz since February, claiming that they had not responded to the messages since mid-March.

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DeSantis’ office insisted that it was “important” for CBS News to interview Moskowitz and Palm Beach County Mayor David Kerner, who Jill de Grandos said were not liable for questioning.

“Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, the deadline has expired,” Jill de Grandos told Beatrice on Thursday afternoon. “As you know, the Kovid epidemic makes our interview protocols more complex and time-consuming due to new disturbances and testing requirements for reporters and camera staff.”

However, this standard did not apply to the state of Florida Rep. The “60 Minutes” correspondent was interviewed remotely by Shayari Alphonsi, a Descentis critic Omari Hardy.

“Luckily, we’ve already talked to director Moskowitz several times,” continued Zill de Grandos. “We appreciate his view of the roll out in Florida. We have included the information provided on the background as it relates to this story”. Zill de Grandos also stated that Moskowitz was asked to do an on-camera interview on February 28 and March 12.

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Asked by Granthshala News if he thought “60 Minutes” had “appreciated his point of view” on the vaccine rollout, Moskowitz replied, “Did you see the perspective that the person in charge of Kovid’s response gave him Explained how the publics at his agency were chosen and that the contributing story was garbage?

“They ran with pay to play, when I told them it was done by my agency and why and how. Did you see that perspective?” Moskowitz added.

On Thursday, Beatrice responded to the producers of “60 Minutes” questioning “arbitrary deadlines” and noted that “Days” were still available before it aired and that she “never faced the issue before”. “

DeSantis’ office on Friday presented answers to questions ahead of the deadline set by “60 minutes”, but aired two days before the show. The responses were ultimately not included in the on-air report.

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That evening, Beatrice sent a blistering email accusing 60 minutes of “refusing” to interview Moskowitz and Kerner, as well as Florida Lottery Secretary John Davis.

“This lack of professionalism – it is clear that you are more interested in pursuing a baseless biased story than reporting the facts on Florida’s successful vaccine delivery effort – is very concerning to your team on this matter,” Beatrice Told the makers.

On Saturday morning, Beatrice asked “60 Minutes” producers to confirm that she received the email Friday evening, to which Jill de Grandos replied, “We got your response, thanks.”

CBS News did not immediately respond to Granthshala News’ requests for comment.

Granthshala News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.