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Officials said a deputy found 32 suspected Cuban migrants – including two pregnant women – hiding in a “go-fast” boat, which was being pulled by a rental truck in the Florida Keys on Monday morning. But it was.

According to Sergeant Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Joel Slough was on patrol around 6 a.m. when he spotted a rental truck traveling under the speed limit on US 1 in Marathon.


During a traffic stop, Slow was diagnosed with a “heavy smell of salt water and body odor”.

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He also observed that the three children in the truck were not restrained by any type of seat belt or child restraint seat. the sheriff’s office said. At least two dozen migrants, including a 17-year-old, were found hiding in the boat’s forward V-berth area.

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The truck’s driver, Riedel Garcia-Espino, 39, of Sefner, Florida, reportedly said they were fishing, but officials noted that there was no fishing gear on the boat.

García-Espino was arrested on charges of child neglect.

The migrants were turned over to US Customs and Border Protection.

The incident comes as Cuban maritime migration has soared this year, according to Miami Herald.

Last week, the Coast Guard reported that its employees intercepted more than 800 people during its fiscal year — which runs from October through October. Last year, the number was just 49, the newspaper reported.