If you are not successful at first, try, try again.

The same mantra was assumed by Joshua Jorgenson, the founder and producer of the Blacktiff fishing show, when he set out to catch a catch Warsaw Grouper With Captain Jason Boyle of Sonnar Fishing – a professional fishing charter based in Sarasota, Fla.

After several attempts to catch deepwater fish, which are known to grow to an impressive size, the two were eventually seen as a eunuch Puli RidgeAccording to a statement, Jorgensen sent it to Granthshala News.


The coral reef system is located about 140 miles from Fort Myers in the Gulf of Mexico, and is home to the grouper breed and other fish species.

Jorgensen wrote the journey to take about four hours on a 42-foot boat to Palli Ridge, although the group of anglers did not have to wait long with him Banded rudderfish Feed

“Within five minutes of fishing, Jason had a bite on his reel. He Started reeling and Rekha became very tight, reading the news release of “Blacktiff Fishing. A huge Warsaw had taken the bait!”

Boyle reportedly reloaded the fish 150 feet up in a span of 10 minutes while Jorgensen switched locations and “continued to crank the fish all the way to the surface.”

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The two anglers reportedly reloaded the fish in less than half an hour.  (Blacktiff fishing show)

The two anglers reportedly reloaded the fish in less than half an hour. (Blacktiff fishing show)

Both men reeled in the big fish, which Jorgensen estimated took between 15 and 20 minutes of “fight time” and more than 400 feet of hand-crank line.

“It was a monster! The fish floated to the surface and we all screamed,” Jorgensen explained. “We did not realize how difficult it would be to bring this fish in the boat. It took four big men to lift the fish on the gun and into the boat.”

The caught groper is more than seven feet in length and has sharp dorsal spines that are more than two feet in length.

When it was weighed the next day, a tractor was used to pull the fish from the boat. The tractor’s enclosed scale showed the group’s grip was heavier than their initial estimate of 250 pounds.

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Jorgensen suggested, “The scale read 294lbs, which means this fish was over 300lbs.” “These fish normally lose 10% of their body weight before we can take them to the dock.”

He To state that their combined catch was the largest Warsaw grouper they had personally seen.

Earlier, Jorgensen and Boyle tried to catch the Warsaw groper together in 2019 and 2020. He finally reached his goal on January 22, 2021.

Last year, Boyle made headlines for catching the 350-count Warsaw groper. FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Statement on facebook The time that encouraged people unaware of their population status in the Gulf of Mexico to avoid fishing is unknown.

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The world record for a caught Warsaw groper is that of Steve Heusler, who caught 436 pounds in December 1985, International Game Fish Association.