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A former janitor at a Florida high school has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for hiding a camera in a girls’ restroom.

Deremy Jarrell Walker, 31, was sentenced Tuesday in Orlando federal court, according to court records. He was indicted in June on two counts of using, or attempting to use, children to make sexually explicit videos.


“Mr. Walker did more than just create terror; he stole the innocence and trust of these young victims,” ​​said Michael McPherson, in charge of the FBI Tampa Division.

Investigators said Walker was a contract watchman at Oviedo High School in November 2019, when two 15-year-old girls discovered an actively recording cellphone hidden under the sink in a student’s bathroom stall. The girls took the phone to school administrators, who contacted Oviedo police.

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Forensic analysis of cellphones revealed that Walker had kept the phone in the same location on two earlier dates, with a total of 12 students captured on video. Investigators also found that Walker had previously made phone calls in the school’s faculty bathroom.