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Ron DeSantis of Florida Gov. lists the people of the Sunshine State to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

“I’m personally grateful to the governor of Florida because we have an Airbnb in Orlando, and luckily for him by keeping everything open, we’ve been able to make some money,” said Stephanie, who lives between Colorado and Florida. splits, told Granthshala News.


Others cited family, friends and their health as reasons to celebrate this year.

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“I’m so happy to be alive,” said Barbara of Ohio. “I’m 82 years old and I don’t have any aches and pains, I’m in great shape.”

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Brooke, of St. Petersburg, Florida, told Granthshala News: “I think I am most grateful for my ability to go to college and study something I’m very passionate about.”

Many are happy to spend time with family after the COVID-19 limited gatherings last year.

Downtown Tampa, Florida.

Chris of Orlando said, “Over the past year we’ve been grateful to have our family and our friends and to be surrounded by the people who love me and to be able to spend more time with them than they really are.” told Granthshala News.

Scott, of Charlotte, North Carolina, said he was grateful for his children.

“We have a big family and everyone is doing great,” he told Granthshala News.