A multitude of baked goods being shipped across the country Remembered that According to federal health officials, there are concerns he has undeclared allergies.

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California-based Chocolate & The Chip issued an allergy alert for the various flavors of its Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cookie Bundt Cake and Rice Krispie Treats because they may contain undeclared wheat, milk, soy and tree nuts, as posted on Food&The Chip As per the recall notice given. Drug Administration (FDA) website.


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The recall notices include more than two dozen of the company’s baked goods that could pose a serious or life-threatening risk to consumers who have allergies or severe sensitivities to wheat, milk, soy and tree nuts, according to the recall.

Chocolate and Chip Product Photo

The recall was initiated when the company discovered that baked good products with known allergens were “delivered in packaging that did not reveal the presence of said allergens,” the notice read.

According to the notice, the owner made a mistake and did not have “proper protocol for the distribution and labeling of baked goods under the proper regulations”.

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However, no disease has been reported from the affected products to date.

Nevertheless, treats were distributed locally in the Los Angeles area as well as throughout California and 18 other states throughout the country.

“The affected products reach consumers through e-commerce and pop-up retail locations,” the notice continued.

Consumers are urged to throw away any recalled items.

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