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It is often said that the best way to resolve family problems is through unity and togetherness. Sometimes grief or the sudden loss of a loved one makes people understand and bury the hat-trick so everyone can recover and move on.

However, when you look at the fragmented royals, the gifts that the former actress and activist keeps on giving with her husband Harry in the shape of Meghan Markle are not all what they seem, and what was actually served was not ideal food. Let me explain


Only two weeks ago, Meghan was in Manchester, England, serving that well-worn dish to her “favourite” charity, the story about the girl outside the group. Yu-No-who wrote to the head of a large American company about washing women’s clothes after he was invited to sit at the “table” for his worker work.

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So this latest PR spin, which actually focused on a recent royal walkout in Windsor to meet the public, to inspect the flowers that the devoted and respected people of Great Britain brought to the memory of their beloved Queen , that too turned into a PR spin. Insiders suggested that Harry and Meghan had threatened the Prince and Princess of Wales about trying to push them forward in the PR stakes. But in fact, William and Catherine know that the true story was that William invited his brother and later suggested wives, but at first this meant two boys alone.

Never to miss that headline or photo opportunity, Meghan held Harry with superglue strength until she told a source who reports back, she said, “I think the media is wrong. Brits I liked him, and I got to witness him personally.” Hmm.

So now, this week’s New York Post gossip column Page Six claimed, there was a reunion dinner to which all the royals, including Harry and Meghan, were invited, and now everyone is forgiven. Sources tell me that this is not the whole story. The true story is that it was an informal gathering of a few drinks and snacks with polite conversation, but never four people would ever break bread and laugh together.

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Meghan Markle welcomes mourners outside Windsor Castle after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Meggs and Harry trashed the Queen’s family for exposure of the late, and Meghan certainly threw back the British people’s good will for the wedding she called a “spectacle,” now the only dish Meghan has to offer. He was polite, and he refused. You see, only because as she prepares to utter her exact word “sorry” in that recent magazine interview, a deep slice of hurt cuts deep, especially for William and Catherine.

So while they wanted to turn this oh-so non-story into something bigger, the meeting was short-lived, Meghan always felt “uncomfortable”, and certainly no hearts and flowers from the newly appointed Prince and Princess of Wales. ,

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Catherine, Princess of Wales, Prince William, Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, on the Long Walk at Windsor Castle on September 10, 2022 in Windsor, England.  Crowds pay tribute at the gates of Windsor Castle to Queen Elizabeth II, who died at Balmoral Castle on September 8, 2022.

The biggest sources I have are that Tom Bower’s book ‘Revenge’ was actually read by Catherine’s most ardent supporter and best friend, her mother, the fragrant Carole Middleton, who adored the Queen and treated William as her own son. I believed. The eye-opening revelations in that book shed new light on how Markle might have worked during her time as an actress; And naturally, being her daughter’s best friend, of course Kate was duly informed of this.

So, the only dish Meghan has served is, in fact, her own slice of revenge, but in the case of Catherine and William, will they serve the Sussex deserts now when they go to America later in the year?